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AROMASE Inspired the World to Value Diversity and Inclusion

AROMASE-anti hair loss shampoo-award


Breath and Grow

If you do not intentionally, deliberately and proactively include, you will unintentionally exclude.” – Joe Gerstandt


AROMASE once again is nominated in British Beauty Oscar – Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 finalist. Anti-hair loss essential shampoo-“Braille” Missing Corner Design showcase in finalist 2020 – “Best Inclusive Hair Product“. This new category award is significantly meaningful since 2019, as the only shortlisted brand from Taiwan this year, AROMASE will continue the concept of “Missing corner” reminder, and expect this is just the beginning. Cosmetics Business Recommend 

AROMASE believes the brand should more consciously consider the needs of all individual and different groups, including different languages, cultures, skin colors, religions, and even the visually impaired consumer by providing user experience in a more friendly and no difference way.

AROMASE scalp treatment formula features:

It’s Now or Never!

At the heart of AROMASE is the idea of “Missing Corner” representing our scalp a place nearly ignored by the public

Missing Corner = Our scalp
Missing Corner = Our scalp = How to make others completed

Missing corner is always a friendly reminder to pay attend on our scalp.
Most importantly, making others completed. Every little count!

The AROMASE Shampoo, which is shortlisted for the Pure Beauty Global Award delivers scalp care concept in design on missing corner, with braille in English on the front and the other one in Chinese on the back which trying to draw attention for embracing diverse groups.


The Green Diamond
AROMASE, known as Green Diamond by its satisfied customers, has successfully addressed various scalp issues including hair loss, oily dandruff, greasy hair, and dry & sensitive scalp. Rooted in scalp innovation and backed by dermatologists, AROMASE’s scalp shampoo distribution has been widely praised.


7 Features / 7 Treasures

Every bottle of AROMASE starts from here, the 7 features is cornerstone of AROMASE , AROMASE insists on the world standard which is much more crucial for the healthy shampoo. Not just like some marketing language might mention that free of one or two harmful substance. AROMASE practices “7 features” consistently to indulge customers by every shampoo for scalp.

  • Soap Free ( Cleanse gently)
  • pH 5.5 ( Ideal Scalp balanced pH)
  • Dimethicone Free/ Silicone Free ( No buildup on the scalp.)
  • SLS Free /Sulfate Free (No stripping scalp oil, no dryness)
  • No chemical preservatives, No MI/MCI, No Paraben ( Use within 6 months )
  • Artificial Coloring Free ( Safe for every scalp.)
  • Amino Acid Surfactant ( Clean the scalp without inflammation)



Inspiring healthier scalp

Beautiful hair comes from a healthy scalp.
More and more aware that scalp is our 2nd face which requires more care. From doctor’s endorsement to every home essential, let scalp breathe and hair grow! 

In 2019 & 2020, AROMASE was nominated in the finalist of “Best New Product”, “Brand Innovation – Best Design & Packaging” and “Best Inclusive Hair Product” by the Pure Beauty Global Awards.

AROMASE as the leading bran in scalp care, we offer innovative scalp care experiences with immense affirmative results. While establishing AROMASE brand mission, we clearly declare that “solving scalp problem” is our belief. At the heart of AROMASE is the idea of growth. By reducing a piece to its essence, we create natural hair care products that convey refresh experience and trustworthy solution.

Make life simpler and better.

Find Your Own Scalp Care Routine

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