What is your top 1 product?


What are the channels for your brands?

Chain beauty shops, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals.

How natural are your products?

All our products formulas are pure herbal essence. There are no artificial coloring,
dimethicone, SLS and no chemical preservatives in our products.

Does AROMASE test on animals?

No, we do not engage in animal testing.

What is the pH of AROMASE products?

Our products are low pH levels that range from pH 3.5~ pH5.5.

What kind of education AROMASE Institutes can provide?

We can provide free service in letting consumers understand what scalp problems
they are facing while also giving professional maintenance suggestions.

Does AROMASE operate their own stores?

No, we don’t operate our own stores. However, we have worked with dermatologist in 60
large hospitals and almost 390 dermatology clinics and have distributed our products to
more than 2,000 drug stores and beauty shops in Taiwan.

How do I start business with AROMASE?

You can start by understanding brand concept, value and the business channels.
We can give you more details for your market after receiving your inquiry.
Contact us now.

Can you do OEM or ODM

No, we only provide our own brands and we promise you the most effective
products to solve scalp problems. We are hoping to look for distributors that
can carry out our brand image.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can, though the customers are required to pay the freight fee,
we suggest to buy from our distributors in your country.

What payment methods are offered?

We usually ask our customers to pay with PayPal or credit card.

When can you send the goods to us?

Products that are in stock will be sent out within 3 days after your order and payment has been confirmed. For bulk orders, we will need approximately 60 days to prepare products or discuss further through email.