This year’s AMWC conference was such a blast for Aromase’s team because not only did we get good comments and suggestions but also received appreciation from leading speakers and innovators in the fie scalp, scalpcare, growth, conference, exhibition

AMWC 2019 Asia

AMWC stands for Asia Aesthetic Medicine World Congress. This year it was held in Taipei, Taiwan. It attracts visitors from all across the globe and some of the recognized people were present for speaking their experience and sharing their knowledge while others were present to exhibit what they have to offer.

We had so much fun and loved how we got appreciation in tons. Amongst all the doctors and respectable doctors, they were happy to share our products across various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook so as to spread the word out and let people know how we are trying to help the population enjoy healthy scalp and hair.

Brazilian beauty dermatologist, Dr. Paola Queirozvaz & Dr. Roxo were especially impressed and appreciated how enthusiastic we towards solving all scalp problems.

Next big moment for us is when One speaker of 2019 AMWC- Turkish Senior Physician, Dr. Ozgurleylek, recognized us and appreciated us for our passion towards achieving our goal. He congratulated our achievements and was excited to befriend a new brand that helps toward the betterments of our health.

Huge appreciation to Dr. Ozgurley as he shared about us (Aromase) on his Instagram account and before we know it, almost 4000 people liked it. It is quite an honor to be recognized by such great personalities.

Welcome to Dr. Sarino who is from Spain to our warm family of Aromase. It was indeed filled with joy and love to be able to meet and cherish the moment with such great souls!

Korea is an epicenter of beauty and welcoming our partner who is from such a great country is indeed our pleasure. We thank our Korean partner for joining us and sharing the frame.

Introducing Dr. Chen. He is from Taiwan and is a very renowned dermatologist. He always recommends Aromase to his patients as he knows what potential that “Green Diamond” has.

Aromase team enjoying their time at AWMC 2019 conference. They are ready to share with the world what they have to offer: healthy scalp-care solutions.

We were quite surprised and yet very proud that Aromase was the only Scalp Solution product which stood out amongst others at AWMC. No wonder you can see so many visitors exclusively curious for Aromase.

Introducing and revealing ScalpX, our unique technology based on providing deep and accurate scalp analysis and a perfect solution for your scalp conditions. It is equipped with a laser focus microscope with all the information being sent to a touch screen tablet for instant results.

To sum it all up, Aromase had a great time at AMWC 2019. By providing clients with the useful information of scalp-care treatment, Aromase will continue to dive further to bring awareness to the world.

2019 / 05 / 24
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