Our history as a human being comes from nature. We are wired, our DNA and genes are wired to be being as close as nature. We feel running is something very healthy and must be practiced on common basi scalp, earthday, health, nature, fit

Run For The Dream Movie Event

Imagine your scalp being checked in a big movie theatre, right! That’s what we did. Aromase held a scalp check in a movie theatre. Aromase is active and ready for you, the question is are you ready? The event also had an amazing and educative session as we had a dermatologist lecture, “How to enjoy exercise and avoid annoying folliculitis in the summertime”. 

AROMASE welcomes all guests to have a scalp exam to experience and understand their scalp type and tip for scalp care. 

AROMASE team is always energetic and ready to “RUN FOR DREAM”.

AROMASE team is ready to run for solution to all scalp problems!

Thanks to all the media partners’ support. 

During the panel, all guests have the opportunity to interact with Mr. Scalp, Dr. Chou, and Mimi. 

Dr. Chen, an old friend of AROMASE shows his support. 

AROMASE invites everyone to "RUN FOR DREAM".

The outdoor KOL of AROMASE showing their appreciation of the brand. 

2019 / 07 / 19
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