This is a Press Release when we hosted our visitor from the United Kingdom. It is such a pleasure all the time to have visitors and when they are satisfied with our work and products. scalp, scalpcare, UK, customer, growth

UK Customer Visit

Recently, we had the pleasure to host one of our customer who happens to be from the United Kingdom. We went around Taipei and performed scalp tests which gave him satisfying results. 

This was our first meeting with the beloved customer from the United Kingdom. It was indeed a pleasure as we not only discussed business but also established good relations as we believe the friendship, care, and affection go beyond business.

This picture shows one of the scalp tests. Here our guest is seen using the touch screen tablet that clearly shows everything that is going on with his scalp. While conducting the scalp test, we came to know that he was suffering from Seborric Dermatitis which doctors could not get hold of. Guess what? We did it and also recommended some products for his comfort and ease. You should have seen the smile on his face when he finally knew that there will be no more scalp problems.

Given that the situation was quite serious as he did not know that he was suffering from serious Seborric Dermatitis, it was indeed a joy to us to know that our work makes difference in so many lives and literally liberates people from pain and suffering.

Keddy, our scalp specialist explains the before and after of scalp and ways to make it better. Keddy really loves his job as he gets to tell people how to lead a healthy life by sharing his learning about the scalp. Our customer felt the same way and he surely came to know so many new details about his scalp.

2019 / 05 / 10
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