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Best Shampoo For Dry Scalp And Hair Loss - Aromase

Dry scalp is one of those conditions that cause a lot of irritation and hinders your confidence as you scratch your head quite frequently. While it may look bad but it also makes others feel that there is something wrong with your hair. So in this article, we will give you all the information about dry scalps.

What is a dry scalp?

Basically, dry scalp is a skin condition where the skin of your scalp is damaged and needs to be repaired. Now if we go deeper, the skin on your scalp is made up of layers. The final layer called “The Stratum Corneum” is responsible to keep the moisture packed into those layers of skin and not let it fade away. And this layer acts like a seal or a barricade for moisture to leave the outer layer. Also, it acts as a layer of protection against dust and other waste to enter the skin from outside.

Now, what happens if this layer gets damaged or misaligned?

This outer layer can get damaged and when it does, small pores/gaps begin to appear. They allow the retained moisture to leave the skin which results to the skin on your scalp getting dry. Sometimes things can get out of hand which dry scalp can produce dandruff. Dandruff also provokes the process and making it drier which makes the situation worse.

But let’s talk about dandruff later because dry scalp and dandruff are sometimes misunderstood as one.

What if you are someone who suffers from Dry Scalp and want a good and fast solution?

Don’t worry, we’ve surely got your back and that is exactly why we love what we do, bring positive changes in lives. Hereby I would like to introduce Aromase’s Anti-Sensitive Shampoo. Let’s talk a little about the brand to begin with and then move onto why this shampoo is the best solution.

All of the Aromase’s shampoos have the “7 Features of Healthy Shampoo”. Allow me to share these 7 features: they are color free because we believe that your shampoo should only contain ingredients that benefit your scalp. They are free from Dimethicone and SLS, which are regarded to be not good for your scalp and hair care. It is an Amino Acid Surfactant. The pH value is below pH5.5, what does that mean? It means that the shampoo is not acidic but in fact, is basic. If pH is above 7 then it has acidic properties which are surely not good for the scalp. Lastly, it has no chemical preservatives and is totally soap-free.

Coming back to Aromase’s Anti-Sensitive Shampoo. The reason why it is the best potential solution for dry scalp is that it possesses the ability to form a protective layer to help your scalp heal itself, which is beneficial for the dry scalp since it is caused by the misaligned outer layer. What this shampoo does is directly heal the root cause. Yes, you guessed it right, it strengthens the outer layer (The Stratum Corneum) who in result keeps the moisture intact and nourishes the scalp.

Now, a lot of people confuse dandruff with dry scalp and vice versa. Let me share some key points to distinguish between the two so that you know the real cause and get a perfect solution for the same. Dandruff usually is a condition with large flakes with yellow to white tint whereas smaller and dried flakes are a result of dry scalp. If your scalp itches excessively then it is symptoms of dandruff, not because the scalp is dry whereas you see dryness in other parts of the body then you know it is dry skin and not dandruff. If you identify the exact cause of the problem that will help you to find the perfect solution and get healed quickly.

Hopefully you got some value out of this article and we really wish for your better health.

2019 / 08 / 02
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