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5 Tricks To Get Rid Of Your Dry Scalp

The reason why we are focusing mostly on spreading the awareness on dry scalp is because this is Dry Scalp Season. Yes, you guessed right, winter is coming, readied to dry up our skin and scalps, but don’t you worry, we got your back. We are prepared for winter this time.

Basically what winter does to our skin is that it dehydrates it and takes away all the required natural oils away. In result the hair follicles and other stuff dries up until they fall down. There are a lot of measures to prevent this but today we will discuss only 5 which are very convenient to take into action.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

  1. You might have to change your hair care & scalp care products. Yes that is true, as we change seasons, we also do encounter the change in wind conditions, humidity, temperatures, sun, & etc. Since our bodies don't have the ability to quickly adapt to the new weather conditions, so does our skin and scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to get the new products needed to adapt quicker to the seasonal changes. Look for perfect products required for this season will help a long way in conditioning and nourishing your scalp like nothing else.
  2. Special care needs to be taken in terms of your eating habits. Always consider diet as something who is responsible to supply nourishment to your scalp and hair from inside. Some key players in this game are; “Zinc” as a lot of research show that it is a requirement for better teeth, nail, hair and skin nourishment. “Vitamin A” in dairy products like eggs help in long run as Vitamin A is responsible for better skin cell growth. So boil those eggs and eat them, period.
  3. Tea tree oil is underrated. Yes, that is very true. Tea tree oil is more than just a normal oil, it is an all round solution for scalp conditions. Did you know it possesses anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, & antiseptic properties. All of that including the freshness of a tea tree. However, there is an another side of the coin, you cannot apply tea tree oil directly as it may cause irritation. What you have to do is to mix it with shampoo or other oils, but it still retains its nutritious value while keeping it absolutely harmless.
  4. This one might sound trivial, but it is VERY significant. Always stay hydrated! No matter how many glasses of tea or juices you may gulp down; our body needs pure, still water. You may have noticed that how tired or exhausted we feel if we do not drink enough water, it is quite the same for scalp. It turns dry and rough, as a result it also may start flaking. Staying hydrated helps it retain its moisture quite easily. Bump that water as much as you could, because why not?
  5. Have you ever thought of or looked for scalp treatments? Yes at first it seems very intimidating experience but it is quite the contrary. It is actually the most laid back and soothing treatment ever. All you have to do is lie down while the magic is happening to you. One such treatment I would strongly suggest is CISPER treatment. It is inarguably the effective way for our scalps' nourishment. It supplies all the vital nutrients required for the scalp and makes your scalp and hair shine like sun again.

I hope these cue tips were helpful to you and especially since its winter, please do take extra care of the scalp.

2019 / 03 / 29
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