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5 Ways To Care For Your Hair In The Summer

It’s the time of the year, where everybody has a love and hate relationship with: Summer. The time where we go on to adventure and feel the beautiful sunset, but at the same time, we dread the heat trailing off our bodies. Not only does our body start to get dry, but our scalp can produce excessive oils which can lead to many other issues. Oily scalp can attract other problems like dandruff and itching, so it is important to properly treat our scalp and hair. So here are some of the tips you can use to prevent your scalp from this summer!

Drink Water 

You may have heard this for many other situations in your life, but it is always relevant for good health. By hydrating yourself, your body, skin, and hair will all benefit. Since it is summer, it is more important to drink plenty of water, because of all the sweat. This is no myth! Water is actually proven to be extremely beneficial to your health. So make sure to stay hydrated. 

Wash Daily 

We all heard that showering too often may damage your scalp and hair because we need to keep the oils we produce to keep the natural healthiest state of our hair and scalp. However in the summer, our hair is drenched in sweat which can attract dirt and dust; therefore, it is important to wash and rinse it all off. It is important to keep our natural oils, but having residue of sweat and dirt will never be the better option.

Air-Dry Your Hair 

Blowing your hair less will definitely help in the summer. Also because of the heat, your hair will be able to air-dry quicker then usual. So instead of drying your hair with a blow dryer, just use the natural way of letting your hair dry. 

Eat Healthy 

Like water, your diet will always reflect your health through your body and hair. “You are what you eat” is a true statement. Once you start indulging in a healthier diet, you will feel your quality of scalp and hair is better. So, always make sure to keep the diet right. Proteins, fish oils, and vitamins are some of the things you will need to make a healthy diet. So stop just eating whatever, but start counting your macros!

The Perfect Products

What we use on our scalp and hair is also very important. Using all those chemical-based shampoos will definitely damage your scalp and hair. Try finding other options that contains no chemicals that can harm your scalp. You can also find brands like Aromase that made different variety of shampoos best fitted for certain seasons. Using natural essential oils or ingredients that will benefit your scalp and hair will only give you better quality of hair and scalp. So make sure to know what ingredient is bad for you and replace all the chemicals with something natural.

2019 / 06 / 21
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