Cancer Hope Foundation has been donating hair for five years now for cancer patients so that they have a positive outlook and confidence towards leading their life after battling with such a big disea Hope, Cancer, Care, Healthy, Life, Grow

Hope Foundation Event

It’s been five years now and Cancer Hope Foundation has been conducting the hair donation camps which help in making wigs for cancer patients. As of now, 800 friends suffering from cancer have been helped in getting their confidence back with these wigs and a lot of love. Emma, one of the participants says that she has been participating since three consecutive sessions and she has seen the community growing each time. It feels like an absolute jewel to a part of such a community who leads to helps and makes life easier for others. 

The Founder and CEO of Cancer Hope Foundation Ms. Su Lianzhen posing with Mr. Scalp as they know they are working towards a greater cause.

2019 / 08 / 02
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