Let’s be honest we all love traveling and try to travel more often than before. What if we told you that now while you travel you don’t have to worry about your scalp and hair? Yes that’s right, find Travel, Travelcare, Care, Healthy, Scalpcare, Wanderlust

How to take care of scalp while traveling (3-Step Kit)

We all absolutely love to travel. Whether it be for work, leisure or visiting friends and family. The mere idea of getting on a plane and just exploring a new country or city. Trying new food and get to know new people is mesmerising. But some of the biggest concerns are the skincare, haircare, and scalp care while traveling as we might not have all the resources that we have back home might hurt our routine hence affecting our bodies.

What if we said that now on you don’t have to worry about scalp and hair at least. How amazing is that? Yes, we have a travel kit which just consists of 3 essential and effective products. And since it is just 3 products it is not too much to travel with. Let me introduce those three products quickly so that you reserve your tickets right away!

First one on the list is, 5a Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo and the next one is Daily Wash Essential Shampoo and lastly is Daily Care Herbal Scalp Care Spray. Let’s skim through all of them. 

First one is 5a Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo. It is a beast when it comes to taking care of your hair and scalp. It takes care of inflammation and itchiness while also deeply purify along with. It is a perfect pre-shampoo solution which ensures a healthy scalp and softens Keratin. It already seems there is so much packed in this small package. Wait wait, it just gets better. It has the “7 Features of a Healthy Shampoo” which means no chemical or preservatives or SLS. Purely natural and soft on your scalp as it is pH 5.5. How can you not love this?

Next up is the Daily Wash Essential Shampoo. Just as I mentioned before it has those 7 qualities of the healthy shampoo that means its absolutely safe for your scalp and helps it grow. It also has 5a avocuta, DHT Blocker which is the perfect solution for hair loss and comes naturally. The best part is that it comes naturally and increases blood circulation.

Lastly, the third member of the kit is the Herbal Spray which can be carried along with you everywhere and used as and when you need it. It provides quick freshness and nourishment that your scalp needs after the beating of dirt and pollution.

All of the AROMASE’s products are chemical/SLS/Dimethicone free which means you can use them without and worry that it might do bad on your scalp. All of them are below pH 5.5 which means they are basic in nature ensuring no harm is done to your scalp.

So where are you going to next? No matter wherever you go, don’t forget this travel kit and travel worry-free!

2019 / 08 / 02
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