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How to use Aromase 5a Juniper Liquid Shampoo?

    Just imagine you open a bottle of shampoo while bathing and a refreshing menthol aroma goes through your bathroom, rejuvenating the whole aura. Yes, exactly, that is Aromase’s 5a Juniper Liquid Shampoo.


    Firstly, let’s go through the amazing ingredients that make every penny worth. Glycyrrhetinic acid, yes that is a hard name but it is equipped to kill that itch or those white dandruff flakes off your scalp. Next herbal extract comes from Juniper berries, right, Juniper Fruit. It’s extract is vital for scalp which not only helps you maintain the scalp quality but also supports other ingredients who come to rescue, fighting Dermatitis, Psoriasis whilst maintaining healthy state of scalp. Other natural extracts include, Ginger Extracts, Laurus Nobilis, Glycolic Acid.

   That is enough of scientific names for now, but all of those with some other natural ingredients work in team so that when you pour that shampoo on your scalp, you can see your scalp getting happy!

    Wait, did I just say, “pour shampoo on scalp?” Yes you read that right, so here comes the twist, you would imagine this shampoo to be stereotypical liquid that you pour on your hands and then apply it on your head, let me tell you, YOU ARE WRONG. This masterpiece comes in a funnel cap with the help of which you apply it directly on your SCALP. Yes, directly on the scalp. That is one of the twist, ready for another surprise?

    When you imagine of a shampoo, you imagine a liquid which is a bit thick in texture, with some shiny colour, right? Let me tell you, since this shampoo is totally natural, this shampoo looks just like water, WATER!!! Right, there is no place for artificial colours, no chemicals, no preservatives. Now just imagine how many brands have fooled you into the trap, also, how many chemicals have touched your scalp! Right? It’s been long that your scalp has been tortured by chemicals, it’s high time to switch to natural and organic product.

    If I try to list down the specialities being used this product, it’s quite clear that it is natural and organic, also free from chemicals and preservatives. The best of all, it is directed to your scalp which most of us forget to take care most of the times. Nextly, this is not another gimmick which claims to be natural but this one being true. The minty fresh aroma adds another layer of freshness which stays for longer period of time. This product combined with other Aromase products work together to ensure you have long lasting freshness and your scalp remains free of germs.

    After me trying to convince, if you are not convinced yet, I highly insist you to try our product and then you would know why I am more than happy to share this underrated product.

2018 / 12 / 25
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