All Shampoos have chemicals in it”? Right? We all have had this thought sometime in our lives and then we just pick up a shampoo and use it. Actually this is something that I would like to share my kn Scalp, natural, healthy, care, scalpcare, winter, remedy, dandruff, green life, healthy life, shampo

Myth - Three Things About Your Scalp & Hair Care

        In the age of excess information, we have a mass spreading of tons of information and due to word of mouth, all the stuff we hear from other people gets mixed up somehow. As a result, we have sort of lived in a cloud of wrong information. Let us fight that dilemma by busting some myths about scalp and hair. Busting those myths is the agenda for today, let’s dive right into it!


        First is a very common saying that we hear all the time “If you massage your scalp, it helps hair growth”, what do you think True or False?

Yes kind sir, that is indeed true. So the process that goes behind this is when we massage our scalp, first thing to note is to massage using fingertips and finger pads, but don't massage with your nails. What massaging does is it increases blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. As a result, it increases hair growth and stimulates the whole process.


        Second one is a little tricky, “Dandruff causes Hair Loss”. So to bust that myth, the straight answer is a NO. But it is not that simple. Dandruff can be a symptom of many other scalp problems which then can lead to hair loss, but dandruff itself doesn't mean you will lose all your hair. Basically, maintaining hygiene is the most important and once you take care of that, rest of the  problems will automatically resolve.



        The third one is quite important, “All Shampoos have chemicals in it”? We all have had this thought sometime in our lives and then we just pick up a shampoo without a single thought. Actually this is something that I would like to share within my knowledge. It is FALSE. There are numerous numbers of artificial products out there who are marketed so strongly, but on the other hand, there are equally available natural products who are genuinely authentic in terms of their organics and they strive to protect your scalp and hair. Some of which that you can look is a brand, “Aromase”, it is completely chemical free that means no SLS and its pH value is basic which means it does no harm to your scalp skin and more of all it is made up of juniper berries, glycyrrhetinic acid and other organic ingredients to freshen your scalp and hair.


        What we really want to offer you guys by setting out these articles is to give you the adequate scalp and hair knowledge in order for you to achieve and get the hair of your liking. And honestly, it is not only about the outer shine but also the inner health element. In this age of technology and chemicals, it has become a little hard to stick to natural products. Natural products really do their magic and enhance your body. Chemicals usually just smell nice, but society is slowly realizing the danger and harms it actually causes to our body which is moving the world to a chemical-free, organic environment.


        With that being said, I would conclude the article by saying that, “Go Green, Go Healthy”

2019 / 03 / 22
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