No Shame Foundation was created to help people and let them come out and share their problems so that we can solve them. Here is our interaction with our distributors from Poland who started the found Poland, Taiwan, Haircare, Scalpcare, Healthylife, Chemicalfree

Our Guests from Poland and How “No Shame Foundation” Started!

We are lucky enough to be having amazing guests from all over the globe and being a part of a global community excites to a greater level, in fact, it also encourages us to work harder and solve the issues on a global level. Today it is quite a pleasure for us to share our interaction with the guests from Poland. Ms. Ania and Ms. Anna visited us and we were more than happy to host them with our products and knowledge of scalp and hair. Moreover, also share the love that we have for helping people who suffer from these problems and how they can get rid of it. Turns out that they also share the same values, hence the birth of “No Shame Foundation”. They shared with us what the No Shame Foundation was. No Shame Foundation was established with the idea that people who have diseases shouldn’t be ashamed by any means, instead, they should come out so that proper help and advice can be given and they can pull themselves out of that situation.

***Please hind the last name of guests on the pic, tks***

One of our guests also suffered from Psoriasis. And she shares how she was unable to find a proper solution or help for that situation. Turns out that she tried AROMASE’s products. There was no turning back from that point. As confident we are for our products, they showed expectedly amazing results and helped her to get rid of that problem. Hence, she loves AROMASE wants to share the value of “Green Diamond” to her country (Poland).

This picture shows how attentive and involved they are about the scalp care exam report and its special functions while Keddy shows them.

We always are excited to share the special salon care treatment for our guests and this is exactly what we did for them. The perfect Salon Scalp Treatment.

As they intend to share Aromase to Poland and beyond we love to share our expertise and Keddy is teaching them how to use the microscopic camera with perfection to get best results.

2019 / 08 / 02
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