Conditioner provides a safe coating so that the hair does not break easily. Adding to that it also makes it smooth, lessens the frizz and mainly detangles it. If that is something you do not believe t hair condition, scalpcare, scalp, hair, care, healthy, nature, aromase, herbal shampoo

The Purpose of Hair Conditioners

      The basic rule is always use conditioner after shampoo to complete the daily haircare routine. How many times have you thought to yourself why we need conditioner in the first place? Does it really make your hair soft and smooth like people say it does? Well today, we are here to understand the element of conditioners, so that next time you know what that bottle of conditioner does to your hair!



Firstly, conditioner in simple language is a pigment/liquid/solution that moisturizes your hair. So when we use shampoo, it strips down that moisture and some minerals. That’s when conditioner comes into the story. Just after your shampoo, you use it to restore that moisture level. There are many different types of conditioner: deep conditioner, cleansing conditioner, leave-in conditioner, & dry conditioner. All these ranges to care for a different purpose but for common use, deep conditioner is mostly used. Deep conditioner is like a hair mask which is meant to be left in hair for a bit longer in order to seep inside the strands.


        The natural way to use conditioner is to apply it after shampoo which is right. There is a small pointer here that you should drain some water from the water so that conditioner does not get dilute and its effects are not highly achieved. Let it in your Hair ONLY for 3-5 minutes which is quite enough for the conditioner to do its job.


        Conditioner provides a safe coating so that the hair does not break easily. In addition to that, it also makes it smoother and lessens the frizz to mainly detangle it. If that is something you do not believe then try using conditioner to half of your hair and then try brushing with a comb, you’ll notice the difference quite vividly.



        So now some of the doubts about conditioner are cleared, let’s quickly skim through some pro’s about the same. Firstly, conditioner does not need to stay in your hair forever. It just takes 3-5 minutes to work. Another thing about conditioner is that it provides safety against outer factors damage. So when the hair is wet, it is very weak so brushing with a comb might results in breakage so conditioner prevents it to a certain extent.


        Using conditioner after every shampoo usage is required. Every shower session needs to conclude with a conditioner. Drain water out of the hair strands so that the effects of conditioner are not lessened.


        With this, I would like to conclude by saying that spend some time to note what type of conditioner is most effective for you and your hair type. With that being said, let’s grow healthy and let our hair breathe and grow!


2019 / 04 / 05
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