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Tips For Oily Hair Guide:How To Treat Oily Hair? - Aromase

The problem with oily and greasy hair is that just when you’re done with washing it all is messy already. It feels like nothing in the world can stop that hair to look from that oily texture which is an instant throw-off for people. Let’s start this article by knowing what exactly causes that hair to attain such an oily and greasy texture.

Every pore on your skin has a Sebaceous Gland whose primary job is to secrete oil (also known as Sebum)  in order to keep that natural shine and glow. However, due to a few reasons that gland excretes more oil than it should hence your hair looks extra oily and greasy. There are numerous reasons why your Sebum Glands are secreting more Sebum than they should, some of which can be hereditary, hormonal changes, climate, some medicines or even negligence towards proper hair care routine.

The good news here is that controlling this condition is totally in your control and can be cured within no time. The best part is you don’t really have to do anything other than using a shampoo which is a champion when it comes to treating hair and scalp. It is indeed a marvel that how much difference a shampoo can bring in your life. Since we are talking about it, let’s dive even deeper and get to know which magical shampoo will help us get out of this problem.

Aromase’s Anti-Oil Shampoo (5α Intensive Anti-Oil Rose essential Shampoo / 5α Intensive Anti-Oil Shampoo) is crafted to cater to this specific reason. Its special formula regulates Sebum secretion in your hair and brings out the best version in you. Furthermore, it is made to refreshen and soothe your scalp like nothing else. It actively purifies your clogged pores, making a clear gateway for hydration and moisture. As it sustains oil-control, it manages to remove that oily/greasy feeling softly. Lastly, it’s minty fresh aroma makes everything fresh for longer periods of time.

To be honest, that is not the end of the story, if you pair the shampoo with Herbal Cooling Scalp Spray that would be just perfect. The spray is destined to keep the freshness level to its optimum and provide better quality and texture to the scalp. And as it has herbal properties it makes everything healthy and fresh.

Lastly, some habits that might also help you to get rid of oily scalp and greasy hair are to skin washing sometimes, yes you read that right. Washing frequently or using your nails to scrub while shampooing will irritate your scalp which triggers the Sebum Glands to secrete more oil and hence you feel that you have oily hair. But if you use the above-mentioned products then you don’t have to worry much as it comes from a reputed brand since they posses “7 Features of Healthy Shampoo”. They are absolutely colors/preservatives and chemicals free which is a big deal when it comes to scalp care or hair care products.

Therefore, no thinking furthermore, use this product and you’ll see better than expected results.

2019 / 08 / 02
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