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Tips On Washing Your Scalp

1. Know your scalp type to know how much you should wash per week

Normal Scalp - Clean 1-2 days
Oily Scalp - Clean everyday
Dry Scalp - Clean 2-3 days  

2. Wash twice with shampoo

First wash is to take away dirt and grease.
Second wash is for cleansing. 

3. Avoid your nails from scratching the scalp skin while applying the shampoo and massaging the scalp.

Using your nails might damage your scalp so instead of your nails, use the tip of your fingers to gently massage your hair and scalp.  

4. Do not wash your hair without washing your scalp

Many people forget how important our scalp is, we often only look at our hair. But the truth is it is our scalp which is producing the amounts of hair. So remember our scalp needs to be cleansed to keep our good hair. 

5. Any moisturizing product should be applied just on the hair not inside the scalp

Products like conditioner can clog up our pores in the scalp. It is best to avoid it at all cost. 

6. Dry the scalp and hair immediately after being washed

We must dry our scalp and hair immediately so bacteria does not come inside. But also make sure to keep the dryer 15 centimeter away from you, so the hair doesn’t get damaged. 

2019 / 06 / 07
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