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Active Ingredient Glycyrrhetinic Acid : Poland Trichology Conference

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Trichology Conference was organized by the Polish Trichology Association. The Warsaw conference room at the Lord Hotel hosted almost two hundred enthusiasts of trichology from all over Poland. Interesting lectures and presentations attracted not only members of the Polish Trichological Association and practicing trichologists, but also a lot of people who are just starting out in this developing field.


200 trichologists received the special AROMASE starter pack. Also, the must-have item: AROMASE Glycyrrhetinic Acid Skincare Tonic + 5a Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo.
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Topics discussed at the Trichology Conference were including 14 diversity sessions, and AROMASE share “The use of glycyrrhetinic acid as a natural steroid in trichological procedures” by Violetta Preuss.

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Viola Preuss’ presentation was very warmly welcomed by conference attendees who later have arrived to AROMASE booth, and talked about products, ingredients, AROMASE philosophy etc.

Features of Glycyrrhetinic Acid ( An Active herbal ingredient without any side effects )
  • Soothe skin inflammation
  • Reduce skin redness
  • Relieve skin itchiness
  • A herbal-based ingredient is safe for everyone


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During the breaks, the participants had time to talk behind the scenes, as well as to visit the exhibitors’ stands, to learn about new products on the market.


AROMASE-trichology conference (3)Among the exhibitors and brands present at the Trichology Conference were:

  • Trichoparnter – distributor of several brands (including Alcantara, Mediceuticals), publisher of the book “Rozmowy o trychologii”,
  • Vasari – the official distributor of the HairMax brand,
  • AROMASE – a brand of cosmetics from Taiwan for various needs of the scalp and hair,
  • Medavita – one of the leading Italian brands of professional hairdressing cosmetics,
  • Nubea – natural cosmetics for the scalp and hair,
  • Eco Trade – distributor and importer of Bulgarian-Italian cosmetic companies Biopharma Laboratories Ltd. and Natural Cosmetic Ltd., including: Brave.New.Hair., Bio Oil, Argan & Macadamia.
  • Trichomed – distributor of brands: Vivipharma, Science and publisher of, among others, “Zeszyty trychologiczne”
  • Well Concept – a concept created for Trichologists, cosmetologists and hairdressers. Training, cosmetics, books, devices.
  • Trewer s.c. – distributor of DSD de luxe and Scandinawian Biolabs brands,
  • Dermasens – distributor of the Italian HD microcamera for hair and skin analysis,
  • MonRin – distributor of Italian hair and scalp cosmetics,
  • Beauty Management Sp. z o.o. – owner of the portal Trycholog.info and producer of trichological posters Trychoplakat.pl


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