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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Sustainability Citizen Award and Small Giants for “Family-Friendly Workplace” and “Talent Sustainability. These are both of the most influential ESG awards in Taiwan. It is hosted by the Common Wealth Magazine every year, and is designed to recognize companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development. AROMASE has made significant contributions across four key dimensions of ESG. Let’s delve into the highlights: AROMASE’s Dedication to Social Participation AROMASE has been committed to caring for the caregivers for over 7 years. In 2021, we established the “Caregiver’s Alliance” to call on 28…
AROMASE Takes the Lead in Sustainable Action and Wins CSR Sustainability Citizen Award
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Colder Months Adjust Shampoo Frequency_AROMASE (1)
As the weather cools down and the humidity drops, it’s important to adjust your scalp care routine. Colder temperatures can dry out your scalp, making it more prone to irritation, flaking, and dandruff. Overwashing can strip away your scalp’s natural oils, further exacerbating the problem.   Why You Need to Adjust Your Shampoo Frequency in Cold Weather During the winter season, it’s important to know that your scalp tends to produce less oil and needs extra moisture compared to the summer months. The cold air holds less moisture, which can result in dryness and itchiness of the scalp. Moreover, some…
Colder Months: Adjust Shampoo Frequency & Scalp Care Routine
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CC taiwan excellence_AROMASE_juniper liquid shampoo charming care
We are thrilled to announce that its revolutionary 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo (Charming Care) has been awarded the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award. This accolade recognizes the product’s outstanding design, quality, and innovation, solidifying AROMASE’s position as a leader in the scalp care industry. This is a Game-Changer for Scalp Health AROMASE 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo (Charming Care) is more than just a shampoo; it’s a comprehensive scalp care solution. Its unique formula, enriched with 5α Juniper and other natural ingredients, delivers a multitude of benefits: Deep Scalp Cleansing: Effectively removes impurities and excess sebum, leaving your…
AROMASE Wins Prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award for 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo (Charming Care)
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AROMASE Sponsors Soccer Camp, Bringing New Sport and Hope to Children (1)
AROMASE is committed to social responsibility and giving back to the communities where it operates. In Vietnam, AROMASE and Taiwan Excellence have sponsored a soccer camp for children, bringing the sport of soccer and a new sense of hope to these children. The soccer camp was held in collaboration with the Saigon Children’s Charity organization and accompanied by the player Duan Wenhao. The camp was divided into three age groups: 9 years old, 11 years old, and 16 years old. A total of six teams participated in friendly football matches. The main activities of the camp included football exchanges and…
AROMASE Sponsors Soccer Camp, Bringing New Sport and Hope to Children
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Towards 2024 carbon neutrality - Renewable Energy Collaboration of AROMASE & AcTel Power_4
At AROMASE, scalp health has always been our top priority, and we’re actively taking green initiatives to align with our sustainability goals. Going beyond, we are now intensely focusing on environmental sustainability. Our unwavering commitment to using renewable energy is driving us to set a clear objective: By 2024, over half of AROMASE’s energy will be derived from renewable sources, working towards achieving Net Zero by 2030.    Carbon Neutral by 2024 In 2022, AROMASE (MacroHi) was recognized for its accomplishments with the prestigious DBS Foundation Impact Award. This honor not only acknowledges their efforts in updating and advancing climate…
How AROMASE is Achieving Carbon Neutrality/Net Zero : A Comprehensive Strategy and Progress Update
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Psoriasis Is Sunbathing or Saltwater Safe Is Sunlight Better than Light Therapy
Psoriasis is a common chronic autoimmune skin disease that affects over 7.5 million people (US adults). It causes red, scaly patches to form on the skin. Managing this challenging condition can be difficult, and there are many misconceptions about its causes and treatment.   Here are some common psoriasis care myths: Psoriasis Care Myths: Is seawater safe for individuals with psoriasis? Warm seawater might help a little with the metabolism of dead skin cells and might temporarily provide some relief for skin itching. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remain attentive to the condition of the psoriasis skin after exposure to…
Psoriasis: Is Sunbathing or Seawater Safe? Is Sunlight Better than Light Therapy?
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AROMASE Supports Berlin Marathon with Hero Product 5α Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo (1)
Working together, we can achieve more for the world. We are proud sponsors of the 2023 Berlin Marathon, teaming up with Taiwan Excellence to support this exciting event. Our hero product, the “5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo,” is specially designed to refresh and cleanse the scalp after exercise. With its unique liquid texture, it effectively removes stubborn sebum and softens keratin, leaving the scalp invigorated and refreshed.   The Importance of Scalp Health: A Key to Beautiful Hair AROMASE places great value on consumers’ scalp health and believes that beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. To address this,…
AROMASE Supports Berlin Marathon with Hero Product: 5α Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo
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Air Drying hair or Blow Drying hair Which is Better for Your Hair_AROMASE (1)
Whether it’s better to air dry or blow dry your hair is a common question with no easy answer. The truth is that it depends on your personal preferences. Air drying is often considered as a safer option for your hair as it does not involve any heat styling that can cause damage over time. It is important to mention that air drying can take longer and potentially contribute to fungal growth, particularly in individuals with a sensitive scalp, such as those who experience dandruff. Blow drying your hair can be a convenient way to dry and style it quicker.…
Air Drying vs Blow Drying: Which is Better for Your Hair?
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AROMASE Charity Concert, Vietnam
AROMASE sponsored the Taiwan Excellence charity concert held at the Hanoi Opera House in Vietnam, showcasing their remarkable support for the arts and philanthropy. The event witnessed an outpouring of enthusiasm from the audience, who were spellbound by the enchanting performances and deeply impressed by AROMASE’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility.   AROMASE achieved B Corporation certification three years ago, showcasing its unwavering commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Our relentless pursuit of creating a positive societal and environmental impact is further reinforced through every sponsorship, solidifying our dedication.   At the heart of the sponsorship was AROMASE’s…
AROMASE sponsored the Charity Concert held at the Hanoi Opera House in Vietnam
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AROMASE_scalp care_Oily Dandruff The Root Causes and Effective Solution (4)
Are you tired of the never-ending battle against oily dandruff? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with this common scalp condition, but finding the right solutions can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll delve into the root causes of oily dandruff and provide you with effective solutions to banish it for good. Understanding Oily Dandruff Oily dandruff is caused by excess oil produced by sebaceous glands, leading to Malassezia overgrowth and accelerated shedding of visible flakes. Sebum is important for a healthy scalp, however, an imbalance in its production leads to oily dandruff, characterized by greasy hair, an oily…
Banish Oily Dandruff for Good: Discover the Root Causes and Effective Solutions
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AROMASE 3 Step Solution A Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning Scalp Care Solution
AROMASE’s dedication to creating high-quality personal care products, coupled with its relentless pursuit of innovation, caught the attention of the award judges. The brand’s commitment to research and development, coupled with its use of natural and effective ingredients, played a crucial role in securing this prestigious recognition. AROMASE stands tall as a prime example of the Taiwan Excellence Award. This award stands as a revered symbol of exceptional products that not only hail from Taiwan but also embody the nation’s spirit of innovation and technological advancement. The AROMASE 3-Step Solution. This remarkable product fortifies hair roots and is crafted from…
AROMASE 3 Step Solution: A Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning Scalp Care Solution
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AROMASE head to toe shampoo 260ml_Taiwan Excellence
AROMASE, a renowned personal care brand, has recently achieved yet another milestone in its quest for excellence and innovation. The brand’s 5α Juniper Head-To-Toe Shampoo & Body Wash has been honored with the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, further solidifying AROMASE’s position as a leader in the industry. This recognition is a testament to the product’s exceptional quality and performance, as well as its contribution to the advancement of personal care. Why AROMASE? The Taiwan Excellence Award is a highly esteemed recognition bestowed upon outstanding Taiwanese products that exemplify superior quality, design, and functionality. Each year, a panel of expert judges…
Discover the Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning 5α Juniper Head-To-Toe Shampoo & Body Wash
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