Green from inside out! Balancing the earth green with AROMASE scalp care products is possible.  AROMASE team always searches for a better way to produce our products since we all know the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. In 2020, AROMASE achieved the global circular economy certification, cradle to cradle, we fulfill what we committed to the earth. Learn more AROMASE certification on Cradle to Cradle official website   Upgrade our production for the earth and our next generation AROMASE is certified by Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Bronze achievement level, a globally…
AROMASE is Certified by Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly
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Scalp Folliculitis-scalp pimple-AROMASE (6)
Why are there some small bumps on my head? What is it? If you are experiencing this type of scalp condition, you might have folliculitis on the scalp.  Stay and see how to deal with it.    What does folliculitis look like? Hair follicles become inflamed Occur anywhere on the skin or scalp Small, very itchy pustules on the scalp Sometimes a little soreness.    What causes folliculitis? Mainly involves these 4 mechanisms: Around the hair follicle, the pores can be blocked by accumulated dead skin, sweat, and dirt. The microbiome of the scalp is out of balance, or certain…
What does Scalp Pimple look like? Treatments Before After of Scalp Folliculitis, Causes, symptoms
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AROMASE-red dot award-medipro-1
We are so excited to tell you that AROMASE is awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2022! Comment from the Red Dot Award “The packaging development of the AROMASE shampoo bottle was heavily influenced by the desire for sustainability and the principles of the circular economy. This method corresponds to product ingredients using plant-based ingredients. The fine applicator ensures economical use and makes it easier to stick to the recommended dose. The harmonious combination of colors and the minimalist design reflect the brand’s philosophy. The sustainable design concept of this shampoo bottle is as convincing as the minimal color…
AROMASE is the winner of 2022 Red Dot Product Design Award
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Treedom-AROMASE-CSR-earth friend (1)
As a scalp and hair brand, AROMASE has made its debut on the international market with an environmentally friendly product and design concept. The brand has a reputation for understanding and anticipating people’s needs.   Go Green for Missing Corner of Earth This unique bottle design cuts out a corner to create a shape that draws attention to a hair care product formulated to care for the scalp. In 2020, AROMASE received bronze certification from circular economy organization Cradle 2 Cradle, a first in the Asian hair care industry. AROMASE has also earned B Corp status for its social and…
Go Green! Visit AROMASE Forest
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Anti dandruff rename-2022
Dear AROMASE users, For highlighting the specific product concept, the product name “Anti-Itchy and Dermatitis Essential Shampoo” is officially renamed “Anti-Dandruff Essential Shampoo” since May 2022 The ingredients and features remain the same with no changes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions. Thank you for having AROMASE on your scalp journey! Check out the renamed product “Anti-Dandruff Essential Shampoo”   AROMASE team  
Product Rename: Anti-Itchy and Dermatitis to Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
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AROMASE-Bald spots-Alopecia Areata
Why is there a bald patch on my head? What’s happening? If you are experiencing this type of hair loss, the first thing you could do is being RELAX. Okay! I know you might get a bit confused here, thinking about how I can relax after having bald patches? Let’s understand what’s going on with this type of baldness.   What is Spot Baldness ( Alopecia Areata ) ? Spot baldness is called alopecia areata in medical terms. Occurs both in children and adults. Often results in a few bald spots on the scalp (about the size of a coin)…
Is my Bald Spots Expanding? How to At Home Check for Random Hair Loss
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AROMASE dedicates to having your scalp “Breathe & Grow” and makes scalp problems a history. As a trendsetter with solid practice, AROMASE saved 50,000+ scalps, and recommend by 100+ doctors, selling in 18 countries. Today, the secret behind the” Missing Corner” inspiring healthier scalp is unveiled. Green Diamond – 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo, the global award-winning scalp shampoo effectively solve all scalp problems – hair loss, dandruff, greasy, sensitive scalp. 2.5M bottles sold worldwide. Book your reservation VIP Scalp Journey– Limited RSVP today for experiencing “Scalp Corner”, a scalp check, and a gift for you. Contact us AROMASE…
COSMOPROF BOLOGNA | Healthy Scalp, Better Life!” Find out the secret in AROMASE
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MediPRO-AROMASE-Scalp care after hair transplant-gentel care
The first 2 weeks of scalp caring is important after the surgery. It might influence the final result of hair transplant. When can I wash my hair? From our collaborated dermatologists’ experience: about 24-48hrs after the surgery, the post-op hair, and the transplanted area would begin to form a layer of scab, it would be the time to wash your hair. For ensuring your transplanted scalp is ready for washing, please confirm it with your doctor first.     Must Do for Scalp Care After Hair Transplant BE GENTLE (extra gentle) to transplanted scalp. AVOID rubbing transplanted scalp. DO NOT put…
When and How to Scalp Care After Hair Transplant
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AROMASE-blog-Should I Avoid dimethicone
What exactly is dimethicone? Dimethicone is a silicone-based ingredient widely used in skin foundation, skin moisturizer, 2 in 1 shampoo, hair conditioner, and other skin and hair care products. It gives a silky-smooth and soft-touched texture and helps to retain hair moisture.   Is it always bad? Depends on the perspective. Dimethicone is a safe ingredient when used in cosmetic products. Hare the drawbacks and benefits. Drawbacks of using Dimethicone in “Shampoo products” The molecular weight of dimethicone is big, it’s unlikely to be absorbed into the skin. The silky-smooth texture of dimethicone is hard to rinse off when it…
Is Dimethicone Bad? Should I Always Avoid it?
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