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As a scalp and hair brand, AROMASE has made its debut on the international market with an environmentally friendly product and design concept. The brand has a reputation for understanding and anticipating people’s needs.   Go Green for Missing Corner of Earth This unique bottle design cuts out a corner to create a shape that draws attention to a hair care product formulated to care for the scalp. In 2020, AROMASE received bronze certification from circular economy organization Cradle 2 Cradle, a first in the Asian hair care industry. AROMASE has also earned B Corp status for its social and…
Go Green! Visit AROMASE Forest
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Anti dandruff rename-2022
Dear AROMASE users, For highlighting the specific product concept, the product name “Anti-Itchy and Dermatitis Essential Shampoo” is officially renamed “Anti-Dandruff Essential Shampoo” since May 2022 The ingredients and features remain the same with no changes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have further questions. Thank you for having AROMASE on your scalp journey! Check out the renamed product “Anti-Dandruff Essential Shampoo”   AROMASE team  
Product Rename: Anti-Itchy and Dermatitis to Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
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AROMASE-Bald spots-Alopecia Areata
Why is there a bald patch on my head? What’s happening? If you are experiencing this type of hair loss, the first thing you could do is being RELAX. Okay! I know you might get a bit confused here, thinking about how I can relax after having bald patches? Let’s understand what’s going on with this type of baldness.   What is Spot Baldness ( Alopecia Areata ) ? Spot baldness is called alopecia areata in medical terms. Occurs both in children and adults. Often results in a few bald spots on the scalp (about the size of a coin)…
Is my Bald Spots Expanding? How to At Home Check for Random Hair Loss
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AROMASE dedicates to having your scalp “Breathe & Grow” and makes scalp problems a history. As a trendsetter with solid practice, AROMASE saved 50,000+ scalps, and recommend by 100+ doctors, selling in 18 countries. Today, the secret behind the” Missing Corner” inspiring healthier scalp is unveiled. Green Diamond – 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo, the global award-winning scalp shampoo effectively solve all scalp problems – hair loss, dandruff, greasy, sensitive scalp. 2.5M bottles sold worldwide. Book your reservation VIP Scalp Journey– Limited RSVP today for experiencing “Scalp Corner”, a scalp check, and a gift for you. Contact us AROMASE…
COSMOPROF BOLOGNA | Healthy Scalp, Better Life!” Find out the secret in AROMASE
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MediPRO-AROMASE-Scalp care after hair transplant-gentel care
The first 2 weeks of scalp caring is important after the surgery. It might influence the final result of hair transplant. When can I wash my hair? From our collaborated dermatologists’ experience: about 24-48hrs after the surgery, the post-op hair, and the transplanted area would begin to form a layer of scab, it would be the time to wash your hair. For ensuring your transplanted scalp is ready for washing, please confirm it with your doctor first.     Must Do for Scalp Care After Hair Transplant BE GENTLE (extra gentle) to transplanted scalp. AVOID rubbing transplanted scalp. DO NOT put…
When and How to Scalp Care After Hair Transplant
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AROMASE-blog-Should I Avoid dimethicone
What exactly is dimethicone? Dimethicone is a silicone-based ingredient widely used in skin foundation, skin moisturizer, 2 in 1 shampoo, hair conditioner, and other skin and hair care products. It gives a silky-smooth and soft-touched texture and helps to retain hair moisture.   Is it always bad? Depends on the perspective. Dimethicone is a safe ingredient when used in cosmetic products. Hare the drawbacks and benefits. Drawbacks of using Dimethicone in “Shampoo products” The molecular weight of dimethicone is big, it’s unlikely to be absorbed into the skin. The silky-smooth texture of dimethicone is hard to rinse off when it…
Is Dimethicone Bad? Should I Always Avoid it?
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MediPRO had a great honor to participated PAAAMMI (The Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine Inc.) 9th Annual & 2nd Virtual Convention 2021. Thanks to Dr. Catherine D. Porciuncula shared A Novel Approach on the Effect of Scalp Care on Hair Growth and Quality and highlight the importance of scalp by quoting “My Hair & Scalp, often Neglected. But Too Precious. That’s a Fact”. A Topic of Scalp Care A Novel Approach on the Effect of Scalp Care on Hair Growth and Quality How Glycerrhetenic acid complex helps the scalp ecosystem back to health and eventually create a…
MediPRO had a great honor to participated PAAAMMI
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AROMASE is recognized by the “SEAL Awards Sustainable Innovation Award” and ranked among the world’s most sustainable innovation brands. AROMASE goes on a long road of Sustainability Sustainability is a long road, and AROMASE is never lonely on this road. We are very grateful for the support of many good partners in the implementation of ESG. From gradually changing the packaging materials to recycle materials, to increase the recycling rate, encourage customers to use re-usable boxes instead of cartons for transportation, reduce one-time waste.   Set up a reminder of environmental awareness Calling the environmental awareness of forest conservation through…
AROMASE is recognized by SEAL Awards Sustainable Innovation Award
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b beauty-AROMASE-1
A group of 26 Certified B Corporations across eight countries and three continents have formed a new coalition seeking to improve the sustainability standards of the beauty industry by creating the B Corp Beauty Coalition. Aim to improve beauty industry practices and raise public awareness of connecting beauty with responsibility. Fragrance stories from Scandinavia for body & home, designed to leave a lighter footprint. Regenerative Beauty: Science and Nature allied for Top Performance. Global beauty retailer dedicated to fighting for social and environmental justice. Prose is a hyper personalized haircare company that prioritizes doing good for the planet and people.…
AROMASE joins B Corp Beauty Coalition to Deliver Beauty for Good
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MediPRO case study-dermatitis-AROMASE
Scalp seborrheic dermatitis (SD) is a chronic type of inflammatory dermatosis associated with the proliferation of Malassezia species. Several recent scalp microbiome studies on different populations have also revealed the association of dandruff with bacterial and fungal dysbiosis. Cutibacterium acnes (formerly known as Propionibacterium acnes) and Staphylococcus epidermidis were noted to be the core bacterial species on the top of the scalp.     ABSTRACT Background Scalp seborrheic dermatitis (SD) is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis associated with sebum imbalance and proliferation of Malassezia species. Various antifungal shampoos are commonly used for scalp SD. Aims Glycyrrhetinic acid is known to have antioxidative,…
Evaluation of a new-formula shampoo containing 6% glycyrrhetinic acid complex for scalp seborrheic dermatitis: A pilot study
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scalp care-hair falling solution-antihair-taiwan exllence
The best and most suitable shampoo for the scalp is developed for the hair loss problem. Formulated with pure plant extracts and drug-free. Infusions of “Healthy and professional” inspire a healthier scalp. It starts with the formula of “gentleness” and extends the forest (hair).   How an anti-hair shampoo stands out in the OTC scalp care market? The patented “Missing Corner” design represents the spirit of caring for the community. “Braille design + empathy thinking” aim to help the visually impaired people’s inconvenience to have comfortable shampooing. Learn more about the gentle and herbal-based ingredients: AROMASE scalp care shampoo…
Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo won Taiwan Excellence Awards 
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AROMASE-medipro-taiwan exllence
AROMASE was a winner of this year’s Taiwan Excellence Awards, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, AROMASE – MediPRO™ 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo. Not Only A Scalp Care Shampoo Everything on earth lives in the great circle of life, only sustainability could regenerate and recycle. The fundamental way to solve the scalp problem is also derived from the same conception. The patented bottle is especially from the design mind to create a missing corner that infused the spirit of helping the people in need. The brand is recognized as a symbol concerning the “unseen needs” of this…
AROMASE MediPRO won Taiwan Excellence Awards
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