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Carbon Reduction AROMASE Earns Top Certification for 1.5℃ Temperature Control Targe (2)
AROMASE’s Commitment to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5℃ Temperature Control Target In 2024, AROMASE was evaluated through TRIPS (Temperature Rising Index for Pathways) by CommonWealth Magazine, which calculates companies’ contributions to limiting global warming. AROMASE was recognized as one of the companies meeting the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting temperature rise to 1.5℃, achieving the top honor for carbon reduction efforts.   Why is limiting the temperature increase to 1.5℃ crucial? The Paris Agreement, signed in 2015, aims to cap global warming at well below 2°C, striving for a 1.5°C limit based on scientific studies highlighting the severe impacts of exceeding…
Carbon Reduction: AROMASE Earns Top Certification for 1.5℃ Temperature Control Target
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AROMASE poland ESG_B corner_children (2)
We’re passionate about promoting healthy scalps, and our recent visit to a local kindergarten in Poland was a delightful example of this commitment. During the AROMASE Poland Team’s visit, we engaged both children and teachers in fun and informative activities focused on scalp care. The children were thrilled to discover the significance of maintaining a healthy scalp for luscious hair. They enthusiastically embraced the correct hair washing methods with zeal. Their excitement and curiosity extended further; several experimented with the scalp microscope, marveling at their scalp’s appearance for the first time. They eagerly shared their newfound insights with their parents,…
Love Corner: AROMASE Poland’s Kindergarten Scalp Care Adventure
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Guo Yuzhang Mrs. Nursing Home_AROMASE ESG_HK (1)
At the heart of AROMASE’s ESG initiatives, our commitment lies in caring for the missing corner of society. This Mother’s Day, we’ve taken our mission to Hong Kong. The AROMASE Hong Kong team visited the #Guo Yuzhang Mrs. Nursing Home at Jen Tze Hospital (仁濟醫院郭玉章夫人護理安老院). We crafted handmade flowers as gifts for the elderly, spreading joy and giving caregivers a much-needed short break. ( Learn more about AROMASE B+ Corner) “Your visit and the lovely flowers you brought have truly warmed my heart. It’s been ages since I’ve experienced such a heartfelt moment. Please, make sure to visit us again,”…
B+ Corner: AROMASE Heartwarming Visit to Hong Kong Nursing Home
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AROMASE-b corp-mountain clean
MacroHI Co., Ltd., the parent entity of AROMASE, has proudly met the esteemed B Corp standards, securing an impressive score of 110 (April 26, 2024). Check the report on the B Corp official site.   What’s B Corp Certification?  Here is the definition of a B Corp from B Lab: “B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. To achieve certification, a company must: Demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B…
AROMASE’s B Corp Journey: Benefits for All
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AROMASE no shame foundation (1)
AROMASE has joined hands with the No Shame Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Psoriasis in Poland, to empower individuals struggling with scalp psoriasis. This impactful collaboration has not only raised awareness about scalp health but also provided relief to hundreds of participants across various educational and community initiatives. Schools as Springboards for Scalp Health Education The collaboration spearheaded two key projects, “Calm Scalp” and “Beautiful Scalp,” targeting future hairdressers and the general public respectively. “Calm Scalp” spanned three editions, reaching out to 16 schools across two provinces in Poland. Here, AROMASE not only educated nearly 380 students and teachers…
AROMASE Joins Forces with No Shame Foundation to Empower 745 Psoriasis Sufferers in Poland
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AROMASE re pen sustain beauty
AROMASE isn’t just about healthy scalp and beautiful hair; it’s about beautiful choices for our planet. Introducing the AROMASE Re-Pen, a testament to our commitment to sustainability and a symbol of what’s possible when we work together. More Than Just a Pen, It’s a Transformation In April 2022, we launched a program that invited customers to return their used AROMASE shampoo bottles. We collaborated with over 50 beauty chain stores and set up AROMASE recycled boxes in their stores. This wasn’t just about recycling; it was about giving them a whole new life. By June 2023, we collected an impressive…
AROMASE Re-Pen: Where Beauty Meets Sustainability
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AROMASE Product bottle-Braille Design (2)
Beauty Without Barriers: AROMASE Braille Bottles Design We understand the challenges and barriers that individuals with visual impairments face in their everyday lives, and we want to do our part in creating a more inclusive world. By incorporating braille on our product bottles, we hope to make it easier for those with visual impairments to identify and use our products. How Braille Benefits ALL Our Customers Braille is a crucial tool for individuals who are blind or have low vision. It allows them to read and access information through touch. By incorporating braille on our product bottles, AROMASE not only…
Making Beauty Inclusive: AROMASE Bottle with Braille Design
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AROMASE Sustainable Packaging Award
Thrilled Announcement: AROMASE has earned the Sustainable Packaging Award – Pioneer Category at the prestigious Sustainable Beauty Awards! This well-deserved recognition shines a light on AROMASE’s unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices in the beauty industry. More than just an Award: We also achieved the Silver Level of the Cradle-to-Cradle It’s a powerful validation of AROMASE’s dedication to sustainability, particularly in packaging design. The brand has consistently pushed boundaries with innovative solutions, minimizing its environmental footprint while delivering exceptional products to customers. AROMASE’s achievement fuels our collective passion for a greener future. We firmly believe that conscious packaging choices make a…
AROMASE Wins Sustainable Beauty Awards: Pioneering Sustainable Packaging
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AROMASE caregiver events (2)
Since 2018, AROMASE has been collaborating with Happy Mount to organize caregiver-soothing events. This year, we are thrilled to have the establishment of the Caregiver Corporate Alliance by AROMASE. We are driven by a mission to address the unmet needs of caregivers and make a positive impact in their lives. We understand the importance of inspiring more business partners to join us in dedicating their love and time to support caregivers. Many enterprises find it challenging to initiate volunteering efforts. However, forming alliances can serve as a crucial stepping stone towards progress. That’s why we established the Caregiver Corporate Alliance,…
AROMASE Caregiver Alliance: Spreading Smiles and Serenity
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Caregiver's Alliance_AROMASE charity (6)
The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Sustainability Citizen Award and Small Giants for “Family-Friendly Workplace” and “Talent Sustainability. These are both of the most influential ESG awards in Taiwan. It is hosted by the Common Wealth Magazine every year, and is designed to recognize companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development. AROMASE has made significant contributions across four key dimensions of ESG. Let’s delve into the highlights: AROMASE’s Dedication to Social Participation AROMASE has been committed to caring for the caregivers for over 7 years. In 2021, we established the “Caregiver’s Alliance” to call on 28…
AROMASE Takes the Lead in Sustainable Action and Wins CSR Sustainability Citizen Award
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AROMASE Sponsors Soccer Camp, Bringing New Sport and Hope to Children (1)
AROMASE is committed to social responsibility and giving back to the communities where it operates. In Vietnam, AROMASE and Taiwan Excellence have sponsored a soccer camp for children, bringing the sport of soccer and a new sense of hope to these children. The soccer camp was held in collaboration with the Saigon Children’s Charity organization and accompanied by the player Duan Wenhao. The camp was divided into three age groups: 9 years old, 11 years old, and 16 years old. A total of six teams participated in friendly football matches. The main activities of the camp included football exchanges and…
AROMASE Sponsors Soccer Camp, Bringing New Sport and Hope to Children
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Towards 2024 carbon neutrality - Renewable Energy Collaboration of AROMASE & AcTel Power_4
At AROMASE, scalp health has always been our top priority, and we’re actively taking green initiatives to align with our sustainability goals. Going beyond, we are now intensely focusing on environmental sustainability. Our unwavering commitment to using renewable energy is driving us to set a clear objective: By 2024, over half of AROMASE’s energy will be derived from renewable sources, working towards achieving Net Zero by 2030.    Carbon Neutrality by 2024 In 2022, AROMASE (MacroHi) was recognized for its accomplishments with the prestigious DBS Foundation Impact Award. This honor not only acknowledges their efforts in updating and advancing climate…
Achieving Carbon Neutrality/Net Zero: Strategy and Progress Update
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