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Love Corner: AROMASE Poland’s Kindergarten Scalp Care Adventure

AROMASE poland ESG_B corner_children (2)


We’re passionate about promoting healthy scalps, and our recent visit to a local kindergarten in Poland was a delightful example of this commitment. During the AROMASE Poland Team’s visit, we engaged both children and teachers in fun and informative activities focused on scalp care.

AROMASE Poland ESG_B corner_children (1)

The children were thrilled to discover the significance of maintaining a healthy scalp for luscious hair. They enthusiastically embraced the correct hair washing methods with zeal. Their excitement and curiosity extended further; several experimented with the scalp microscope, marveling at their scalp’s appearance for the first time. They eagerly shared their newfound insights with their parents, fostering a positive impact that rippled through their families.

AROMASE poland ESG_B corner_children (3)


AROMASE’s dedication to scalp health spans all ages, and by educating both children and teachers, we’re helping to foster a generation with a strong foundation for lifelong hair health.


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