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AROMASE Joins Forces with No Shame Foundation to Empower 745 Psoriasis Sufferers in Poland

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AROMASE has joined hands with the No Shame Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Psoriasis in Poland, to empower individuals struggling with scalp psoriasis. This impactful collaboration has not only raised awareness about scalp health but also provided relief to hundreds of participants across various educational and community initiatives.

Schools as Springboards for Scalp Health Education

The collaboration spearheaded two key projects, “Calm Scalp” and “Beautiful Scalp,” targeting future hairdressers and the general public respectively. “Calm Scalp” spanned three editions, reaching out to 16 schools across two provinces in Poland. Here, AROMASE not only educated nearly 380 students and teachers about scalp conditions but also provided them with valuable insights into maintaining scalp health.

Building on this success, the “Beautiful Scalp” project offered free trichological examinations to individuals facing scalp issues but unable to afford specialist consultations. Psoriasis sufferers in particular benefitted immensely, receiving not just expert evaluation but also AROMASE products ( 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo and Glycyrrhetinic Acid Skincare Tonic ) tailored to their specific needs. The results were positive, with participants experiencing noticeable improvement in scalp health as early as their second visit.

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Reaching Out to the Broader Community

The partnership extended beyond educational institutions. The “Bez Wstydu” (Without Shame) project saw AROMASE and the No Shame Foundation visiting 15 schools in Podlaskie Voivodeship. This initiative focused on preventing skin diseases among students and teachers. Here again, AROMASE products played a crucial role, with both students and teachers battling scalp psoriasis receiving samples to test. The project garnered tremendous participation, with over 500 people, including students and teachers, taking part.

Building Awareness Through Diverse Platforms

The AROMASE and No Shame Foundation partnership extended its reach further through events like “Babskie Targi” (Women’s Market). Here, attendees received scalp examinations and AROMASE product samples, furthering public awareness about scalp health and effective psoriasis management solutions.

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A Collaboration Built on Shared Values

This impactful collaboration exemplifies AROMASE’s commitment to empowering individuals with effective psoriasis solutions. By joining forces with the No Shame Foundation, AROMASE has not only alleviated scalp concerns for hundreds of participants but also played a vital role in educating future hairdressers and the broader community about scalp health. The success of this collaboration paves the way for continued efforts to improve the well-being of those struggling with psoriasis in Poland.

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