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AROMASE Re-Pen: Where Beauty Meets Sustainability

AROMASE re pen sustain beauty


AROMASE isn’t just about healthy scalp and beautiful hair; it’s about beautiful choices for our planet. Introducing the AROMASE Re-Pen, a testament to our commitment to sustainability and a symbol of what’s possible when we work together.

More Than Just a Pen, It’s a Transformation

In April 2022, we launched a program that invited customers to return their used AROMASE shampoo bottles. We collaborated with over 50 beauty chain stores and set up AROMASE recycled boxes in their stores. This wasn’t just about recycling; it was about giving them a whole new life. By June 2023, we collected an impressive 128 kg of empty bottles, ready for their transformation. AROMASE re pen sustain beauty 1

Innovation Takes Patience: Overcoming Challenges

Partnering with a leading recycling company, we took those bottles and used innovative technology to close the loop on sustainability. The result? The very pen you hold in your hands, crafted from recycled AROMASE shampoo bottles.

The journey wasn’t without its obstacles. Initial attempts resulted in pens that were brittle and prone to breaking. To overcome this, we incorporated specialized materials to strengthen the structure. We also collaborated with a professional manufacturer to ensure the recycled pen retained the iconic color of the original AROMASE bottle. Through relentless testing and dedication, we transformed those empty bottles into something beautiful and functional.

AROMASE re pen sustain beauty (2)

A Symbol of Collective Action

The AROMASE Re-Pen signifies more than just a recycled product. It’s a symbol of the power of collective action. By returning your empty bottles, you played a vital role in this sustainable journey.

AROMASE re pen sustain beauty (3)

Join Us in Building a Better Future

We are incredibly grateful for your support. Together, let’s continue to push the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry. With every AROMASE Re-Pen, we take a step towards a brighter future.

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