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Making Beauty Inclusive: AROMASE Bottle with Braille Design

AROMASE Product bottle-Braille Design (2)


Beauty Without Barriers: AROMASE Braille Bottles Design

We understand the challenges and barriers that individuals with visual impairments face in their everyday lives, and we want to do our part in creating a more inclusive world. By incorporating braille on our product bottles, we hope to make it easier for those with visual impairments to identify and use our products.

How Braille Benefits ALL Our Customers

Braille is a crucial tool for individuals who are blind or have low vision. It allows them to read and access information through touch. By incorporating braille on our product bottles, AROMASE not only facilitates visually impaired users in product identification but also prompts all customers to contemplate the beauty of diversity in our world.

AROMASE shampoo Product bottle-Braille Design (1)

More Than Just a Shampoo Bottle

The AROMASE bottle design goes beyond aesthetics. It embodies the brand’s philosophy of the “Missing Corner,” which represents the often-neglected scalp. The braille inscription serves as a gentle reminder to care for this important part of the body, while also highlighting the importance of inclusivity and attention to diverse needs.

AROMASE-scalp care product with braille

Join us on this journey with AROMASE 7 Features

AROMASE focuses on providing a holistic hair care experience through our “7 features” philosophy. Each shampoo is formulated with:

  • Soap-free cleansers for gentle cleansing
  • pH 5.5 for optimal scalp balance
  • No dimethicone or silicone, preventing buildup
  • No SLS/sulfates to prevent stripping of natural oils
  • No chemical preservatives, MI/MCI, or parabens for added safety
  • Free from artificial coloring, suitable for all scalps
  • Amino acid surfactants for gentle cleansing without irritation

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Find Your Own Scalp Care Routine

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