AROMASE Sustainable Packaging Award
Thrilled Announcement: AROMASE has earned the Sustainable Packaging Award – Pioneer Category at the prestigious Sustainable Beauty Awards! This well-deserved recognition shines a light on AROMASE’s unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices in the beauty industry. More than just an Award: We also achieved the Silver Level of the Cradle-to-Cradle It’s a powerful validation of AROMASE’s dedication to sustainability, particularly in packaging design. The brand has consistently pushed boundaries with innovative solutions, minimizing its environmental footprint while delivering exceptional products to customers. AROMASE’s achievement fuels our collective passion for a greener future. We firmly believe that conscious packaging choices make a…
AROMASE Wins Sustainable Beauty Awards: Pioneering Sustainable Packaging
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AROMASE 3 Step Solution A Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning Scalp Care Solution
AROMASE’s dedication to creating high-quality personal care products, coupled with its relentless pursuit of innovation, caught the attention of the award judges. The brand’s commitment to research and development, coupled with its use of natural and effective ingredients, played a crucial role in securing this prestigious recognition. AROMASE stands tall as a prime example of the Taiwan Excellence Award. This award stands as a revered symbol of exceptional products that not only hail from Taiwan but also embody the nation’s spirit of innovation and technological advancement. The AROMASE 3-Step Solution. This remarkable product fortifies hair roots and is crafted from…
AROMASE 3 Step Solution: A Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning Scalp Care Solution
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AROMASE head to toe shampoo 260ml_Taiwan Excellence
AROMASE, a renowned personal care brand, has recently achieved yet another milestone in its quest for excellence and innovation. The brand’s 5α Juniper Head-To-Toe Shampoo & Body Wash has been honored with the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award, further solidifying AROMASE’s position as a leader in the industry. This recognition is a testament to the product’s exceptional quality and performance, as well as its contribution to the advancement of personal care. Why AROMASE? The Taiwan Excellence Award is a highly esteemed recognition bestowed upon outstanding Taiwanese products that exemplify superior quality, design, and functionality. Each year, a panel of expert judges…
Discover the Taiwan Excellence Award-Winning 5α Juniper Head-To-Toe Shampoo & Body Wash
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This year, AROMASE is rewarded with the Best 2022 Dandruff Treatment of Beauty Insiders’ Choice Award in Singapore. So excited to share this news with all AROMASE users! Thanks for all the support from our Singapore team  Why this product is a winner Dandruff is a hair concern that many struggles with every day. That’s why our remedy to treat dandruff is the AROMASE 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo! This runny-liquidy solution is the perfect treatment as it is formulated with Glycyrrhetinic Acid which help soothe and relieve itchiness that is usually the cause for occurring dandruff. It effectively…
Best 2022 Dandruff Treatment : Beauty Insiders’ Choice Award
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AROMASE-red dot award-medipro-1
We are so excited to tell you that AROMASE is awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2022! Comment from the Red Dot Award “The packaging development of the AROMASE shampoo bottle was heavily influenced by the desire for sustainability and the principles of the circular economy. This method corresponds to product ingredients using plant-based ingredients. The fine applicator ensures economical use and makes it easier to stick to the recommended dose. The harmonious combination of colors and the minimalist design reflect the brand’s philosophy. The sustainable design concept of this shampoo bottle is as convincing as the minimal color…
AROMASE is the winner of 2022 Red Dot Product Design Award
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AROMASE is recognized by the “SEAL Awards Sustainable Innovation Award” and ranked among the world’s most sustainable innovation brands. AROMASE goes on a long road of Sustainability Sustainability is a long road, and AROMASE is never lonely on this road. We are very grateful for the support of many good partners in the implementation of ESG. From gradually changing the packaging materials to recycle materials, to increase the recycling rate, encourage customers to use re-usable boxes instead of cartons for transportation, reduce one-time waste.   Set up a reminder of environmental awareness Calling the environmental awareness of forest conservation through…
AROMASE is recognized by SEAL Awards Sustainable Innovation Award
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scalp care-hair falling solution-antihair-taiwan exllence
The best and most suitable shampoo for the scalp is developed for the hair loss problem. Formulated with pure plant extracts and drug-free. Infusions of “Healthy and professional” inspire a healthier scalp. It starts with the formula of “gentleness” and extends the forest (hair).   How an anti-hair shampoo stands out in the OTC scalp care market? The patented “Missing Corner” design represents the spirit of caring for the community. “Braille design + empathy thinking” aim to help the visually impaired people’s inconvenience to have comfortable shampooing. Learn more about the gentle and herbal-based ingredients: AROMASE scalp care shampoo…
Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo won Taiwan Excellence Awards 
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AROMASE-medipro-taiwan exllence
AROMASE was a winner of this year’s Taiwan Excellence Awards, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, AROMASE – MediPRO™ 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo. Not Only A Scalp Care Shampoo Everything on earth lives in the great circle of life, only sustainability could regenerate and recycle. The fundamental way to solve the scalp problem is also derived from the same conception. The patented bottle is especially from the design mind to create a missing corner that infused the spirit of helping the people in need. The brand is recognized as a symbol concerning the “unseen needs” of this…
AROMASE MediPRO won Taiwan Excellence Awards
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AROMASE_Good Design-best 100-the best shampoo brand
AROMASE awarded by Good Design Award of Japan- Best 100 which is known as the “Oriental Design Oscar”. AROMASE is standing out of 5,835 works from 20 worldwide and become the glory of Taiwan in the world!   Innovation brings change to the world AROMASE has made its debut on the international market with an environmentally friendly product and design concept. The brand has a reputation for understanding and anticipating people’s needs. This unique bottle design cuts out a corner to create a shape that draws attention to a hair care product formulated to care for the scalp.   The…
AROMASE Won the World-Class Design Award- Good Design Best 100 Winner
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Awards-Taiwan excellence-AROMASE
AROMASE won Taiwan Excellence Awards AROMASE was a winner of this year’s Taiwan Excellence Awards, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, AROMASE – 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo in the fashion & lifestyle category. AROMASE – 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo won over a hundred-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its unique efficacy formula to care of the missing corner “our scalp” and also the “people in need”. The competition was intense: almost 10,000 entries were submitted in hopes of receiving the seal of quality.   About AROMASE | A…
The Best Shampoo Brand of 2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards
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AROMASE was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo, won in the discipline, Packaging in the Beauty/Health category. Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD. A global awards-winning scalp care shampoo 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo won over the 98-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its unique bottle design cuts out a corner to create a shape that draws attention to a hair care product formulated…
AROMASE scalp shampoo won the iF DESIGN AWARD
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When Eric Chen founded AROMASE, it was more than a business decision: it was an act of love. Eric’s personal journey and his passion for helping improve the lives of others not only led him to work extensively with dermatologists across Taiwan in the development of AROMASE scalp care products; it also led him to create a company that prioritizes safe, healthy ingredients and social responsibility. Today, MacroHi Company brand AROMASE is available in more than 20 countries across 75 large-scale hospitals, 500+ dermatology clinics, aesthetic clinics, and 3,000+ major chain beauty and pharmacies, as well as via online retailers…
AROMASE Founder’s Exclusive Interview with C2C, Cradle to Cradle Certified
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