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Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo won Taiwan Excellence Awards 

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The best and most suitable shampoo for the scalp is developed for the hair loss problem. Formulated with pure plant extracts and drug-free. Infusions of “Healthy and professional” inspire a healthier scalp. It starts with the formula of “gentleness” and extends the forest (hair).


How an anti-hair shampoo stands out in the OTC scalp care market?

The patented “Missing Corner” design represents the spirit of caring for the community. “Braille design + empathy thinking” aim to help the visually impaired people’s inconvenience to have comfortable shampooing. Learn more about the gentle and herbal-based ingredients:  https://www.aromase.com/product/anti-hair-loss-essential-shampoo/

AROMASE-solution for-anti hair loss

AROMASE scalp care shampoo review from customers
  • Smells good, works well, will buy again!- Gloria Hsieh

    Recommend buy and try this shampoo if you have hair loss concern. I used many different brands of volumize shampoos but I found their effect really short-lived. They make my hair looks fuller after wash but the good look will be gone the next day. This one works that it not only makes your hair looks fuller, but also promotes growth of hairs. I can see small baby hairs growing on my forehead, also notice my hairlines are not as “bright” under the sun and white light as before.
    The shampoo has herbal smell, very refreshing. The only down side is that my hair becomes dry after wash. I don’t know if they have conditioner but will give it a try if they do.

  • Amazing Product – Really Works- Jenna Welsh

    I am so happy I found this product. I have dealt with thin, brittle hair my whole life and that has drastically improved in just the week I have been using the product. You can really feel the product working as my scalp just felt refreshed and revived after using. It not only has made my hair feel thicker, but it also has an extra shine and bounce to it that it usually does not have. I can honestly say after only 1 week of this product, I am not a loyal lifetime customer.

  • Must use with hair loss person-quang a nguyen

    Very good product, very light and no chemical, my hair is sensitive, easy loose hair after shampoo but with this don’t even fall one. 100% recommend this



About Taiwan Excellence Awards

The Taiwan Excellence Awards were established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993. Every year, eligible candidates are subjected to a rigorous and stringent selection system that covers four major aspects of “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality” and “Marketing” to identify outstanding products that offer “Innovative Value” while satisfying the key criterion of being “made in Taiwan”. Products that have been selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards would serve as examples of the domestic industries and be promoted by the government in the international market in an effort to shape the creative image for Taiwanese businesses.

Taiwan Excellence is the chosen partner for Taiwan’s most innovative industry leaders to provide the world with first choice products for a higher quality way of life. Because of Taiwan Excellence the world has started to experience what a sweet new life is like and explore new ways of living.
Taiwan Excellence Awards link: https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/tw/award/product/1110355


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