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Top 5 Essential Tips for an After-Workout Sweaty Scalp

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Nothing gets the world more excited like Olympic 2020, the Games officially kicked off with the opening ceremony on July 23rd, run until August 8th. Let the game begin and set our desire for exercise free especially during the longtime of pandemic.

Do you feel that you actually find that their hair becomes thinner and less over time after exercising?  No kidding! We got this concern from customers. Here are the top 5 essentials scalp care tips that you could be sure that your scalp stays healthy and gets beautiful hair to grow out.

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Tip #1: First, Scalp Deep Cleansing

After workout, the scalp is exposed to much bacteria from sweat and becomes very greasy since exercise accelerates the scalp oil secretion. A scalp deep cleanser removes the excess sebum, scalp buildup, and combats dandruff effectively is a must for indulging yourself.
While shampooing, you will smell the scent of the forest.
After washing, your hair gets very fluffy and has a super lightweight scalp.


Tip #2: Daily Shampoo with a Scalp Oil Balancing Shampoo

Nobody wants to have greasy hair caused by scalp buildup, skin cells, and sweaty hair. It’s very important to cleansing hair thoroughly with a scalp oil balancing or an anti-oil shampoo which could regulate scalp oil secretion and remove excess oil gently without drying your hair out.
Say goodbye to smelly or sticky scalps with a shampoo infused with 5a avocuta, it’s a natural DHT blocker to prevent hair loss.


AROMASE-Dermatitis scalp solution

Tip #3: Must-have for Dealing with Acne or Odor Scalp

Does your scalp easily get acne and odor with sweat after your workout? If so, anti-itchy and dandruff shampoo is a must in your bathroom. Working up a good sweat after exercise could create the perfect conditions for bacteria and yeast to be active.

Choose shampoo marks with Anti-dandruff which soothes the irritated scalp, removes oily dandruff, and rejuvenates your scalp. Especially a shampoo infuses with Ginger Tincture is a secret formula to reduce dandruff& itchiness, soothes the scalp folliculitis. And of course to combat Malassezia & balance the oil secretion.


Tip #4: Keep an Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Near

Even though you are trying so hard to wash and clean the hair, but the hair still ruthlessly away from you?

A scalp healthy routine should contain anti-hair loss shampoo to strengthen the degreasing effect and oil-controlling regulates sebum production in the scalp and prevents hair loss. It also can maintain the hair’s vitality and make it stronger and healthier.

AROMASE shower room care


Tip #5: Show Your Charm After a Workout

Taking advantage of the natural formula of the limited edition of AROMASE scalp purifying shampoo- Charming Care helps our users to be more attractive with CITRUS FRUITY FLOWER SCENT. It is a great way to soften and regulate scalp sebum and not drying out the hair strands.

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AROMASE is available on Rakuten Japan【楽天市場】

We are excited to launch AROMASE on Rakuten 【楽天市場】 Japan during the Olympics Tokyo 2020. It’s such an honor to access the Japanese market at this unforgettable moment! Cheers to all the amazing achievements that every athlete made in Olympics Tokyo.

AROMASE is here for your scalp! Let’s meet up Rakuten!


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Find Your Own Scalp Care Routine

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