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AROMASE Inspired People Face Their Psoriasis with Confidence

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A story of a psoriasis warrior, Anna Gulko

Anna Gulko, the founder of No Shame Foundation, used to suffer from psoriasis ever since the age of 19.

For many years, she was looking for an effective and safe solution instead of having steroids, and then she found AROMASE.

Take a look at her story of living with psoriasis and get to know the reason why she established an organization to help other people.


AROMASE has collaborated with the No Shame Foundation, a psoriasis-supporting organization.

“It’s no shame to have a skin disease!” said Anna Gulko.  AROMASE has collaborated and supported the nonprofit psoriasis-supporting organization No Shame Foundation! We offer a safe yet effective scalp care solution for helping people get along with psoriasis and dermatitis.


Video: Story of Living with Psoriasis & Origin of Psoriasis Nonprofit Organization

No Shame Foundation

Let’s take a look at the video about Anna’s story!

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