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Now 50 members: B Corp Beauty Coalition Delivers Beauty for Good



In January, our collective action initiative – The B Corp Beauty Coalition – was revealed with 26 members from 3 continents. Just over six months later, we are now home to 50 members from 6 continents, representing beauty businesses large and small, with thousands of employees, and serving many millions of customers.

By working together, we have the standards, the talent, the scale, and the will to challenge the status quo and improve industry standards.

Fragrance stories from Scandinavia for body & home, designed to leave a lighter footprint.
Regenerative Beauty: Science and Nature allied for Top Performance.
Global beauty retailer dedicated to fighting for social and environmental justice.
Prose is a hyper personalized haircare company that prioritizes doing good for the planet and people.
Research & Development of private-label natural and organic cosmetics for a better life quality.
Deliver the goodness of land to people, and embrace sustainable living.
Dr. Bronner’s makes socially and environmentally responsible products to help make a better world.
Rudolph Care’s certified beauty combines exclusive luxury with sustainability and responsibility.
We act to ensure skin well-being with Mustela and Babo Botanicals brands and our active ingredients.
Established in 2010, clean skincare brand on a mission to transform skin rituals into sustainable outcomes.
Empowering people to flourish through sustainable healthy living.
Rituals Cosmetics is a brand dedicated to sustainable and personal wellbeing in the beauty luxury industry.
Conscious hair coloring & care products inspired by nature respectful of the world we live in.
Beauty Kitchen creates skincare products that are effective, natural, and truly sustainable.
Authentic Organic Skincare hand blended in Cornwall.
Badger is a mission-driven family business making certified organic and truly natural skincare products.
A sustainable solution dedicated to recycling, recovering, and repurposing up to 95% of salon beauty waste.
Using data and academic research, we create more effective and responsibly produced branded products.
Naturally good-for-you personal care products that aim to take care of people and the natural environment.
The first BCorp certified Professional Skin Care company in the world, 100% Made in Italy.
We search the world to ethically source the finest ingredients and purest essential oil extracts.
KOA+ROY is a woman-owned, San Diego based small business operating in the sustainable wellness space.
For the Climate + the Culture
MacroHI is a scalp and haircare total solution provider, known by 2 shampoo brands: juliArt and AROMASE.
Our family’s mission is to create a genuine & authentic bodycare brand that is accessible to all.
Changing how the world sees coffee by unlocking its health and beauty potential.
Regenerating our planet through business. Plastic-free, palm oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan beauty.
Naïf offers good care. We are committed to being good, good for sensitive skin, and good for the planet.
Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.
Innersense Organic Beauty makes clean and conscious professional hair care for healthy hair, people, and planet.
Pioneer in certified natural and organic cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines since 1921.
Anti-polluaging, the new anti-ageing cosmetics. A scientific, committed and sensory brand.
Thoughtfully sourced plant-based hair care that brings wild nature to everyday rituals.
Standing out by blending in: natural hair extensions, responsibly sourced and handcrafted in Italy since 1992.
Bliss is a clean, cruelty-free, planet-friendly skincare brand that delivers total skin happiness.
Ursa Major makes refreshingly different skincare essentials for that healthy mountain glow.
On a mission to reduce cosmetic packaging waste with a customizable refill/reuse makeup system.
Natural colors for personal care industries with emphasis on responsible environmental practices.
Upfront Cosmetics focuses on providing salon quality haircare without the plastic waste.
By Sarah London is the digital-first skincare brand transforming emotional wellbeing for stressed, sensitive skin.
Committed to passion for quality, the love for nature, the respect for people for a better tomorrow.
A clinical skincare line that keeps active ingredients potent in precision-dosed refillable packaging.
Microbiome-friendly cosmetics & silk spa with all materials made from silk and handcrafted in Japan.
Elate is an ethical beauty brand, with a vision of a world without single-use packaging.
The first Greek natural cosmetics company, supporting the protection of bees.
Cosmetics with a second life being no waste products – high on purpose and quality.
Award winning Californian lip-wear. Built by industry insiders, we’re reimagining the lip category.
With fermentation technology, upcycle unused resources to organic certified material and cosmetics.
Packaging solutions for beauty brands ensuring a positive impact on the planet and society.
Founded in 2014, Thrive Market is on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for all.




Beauty with responsibility

The coalition’s mission is to enable collaboration and exchange between companies; identify and share better practices, implement improvement actions and publish their outcomes; help beauty customers more easily navigate the category; and influence the beauty industry to trigger broader changes which can ultimately improve its social and environmental footprint. The coalition’s vision is to deliver ‘beauty for good.’

As members of the b corp beauty coalition, we envision a new approach to beauty that prioritises soil as much as skin, nature as much as natural, evidence as much as ego, and impact as much as performance. we commit to working together to share knowledge and best practices, spark exploration and responsible innovation, and to speak consistently and clearly, to deliver genuine benefits to our customers, our communities, and our planet.



We are the member of B Corp Beauty Coalition

“Specifically, we commit to investing our time and efforts to improve four key issues that affect everyone and everything: ingredient sourcing and sustainability; greener logistics; packaging responsibility; consistent and clear external messaging that customers can understand and trust. Work has already started, and we will be welcoming more certified B Corps to add their talent and contribution as we gather momentum,” adds Shaun Russell, founder of Skandinavisk, and a co-founding member of the B Corp Beauty Coalition.
C2C-AROMASE recycle
Certified by world-renowned B Corp in 2020 is a meaningful milestone, AROMASE is standing alone as one of the few 20 B Corp. companies in Taiwan. Inspired healthier scalps by plant extracts and natural herbs. AROMASE committed to a circular economy and an Eco-friendly brand. Having scalp and earth breathe & grow is the brand spirit infused in AROMASE.
Learn more about our Green Action


Additionally, AROMASE’s CSR strategy focuses on caregivers, a missing corner in charity. To improve their health and wellbeing, we arrange scalp checks, donate products, and provide scalp massage and shampoo sessions to 30+ NGOs since 2016.
We take care of childcare, disadvantaged, cancer foundations in Taiwan and No Shame Psoriasis Foundation (Poland) by regular scalp care education events. Moreover, we joined “Caregiver Alliance,” arranged stress-relief activities, and plans to help train new caregivers in hospitals. So far, we have held 285+ activities, received so much love and feedback from 30,000+ people, and have faith to keep supporting caregivers.
Learn more about our CSR project

Learn more about B beauty Coalition


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