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Is Dimethicone Bad? Should I Always Avoid it?

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What exactly is dimethicone?

Dimethicone is a silicone-based ingredient widely used in skin foundation, skin moisturizer, 2 in 1 shampoo, hair conditioner, and other skin and hair care products.
It gives a silky-smooth and soft-touched texture and helps to retain hair moisture.


Is it always bad? Depends on the perspective.

Dimethicone is a safe ingredient when used in cosmetic products. Hare the drawbacks and benefits.

Drawbacks of using Dimethicone in “Shampoo products”

  1. The molecular weight of dimethicone is big, it’s unlikely to be absorbed into the skin.
  2. The silky-smooth texture of dimethicone is hard to rinse off when it is in shampoo products.

Benefits of using Dimethicone in “Hair products”

  1. Form a barrier for hair strands.
  2. Recover chemically damaged hair and tame frizzy hair.

AROMASE-blog-Should I Avoid dimethicone


Why shampoo products should avoid using dimethicone?

The purpose of using shampoo is to remove dirt and scalp sebum.

However, as we mentioned, the molecular weight and silky-smooth texture of dimethicone in shampoo might make it hard to rinse off.  Then it leads to improper scalp cleaning and causes scalp problems such as excessive oil secretion, oily dandruff, scalp pimples, etc.

After using a shampoo with dimethicone, your scalp might have dimethicone residue which could clog pores and coat hair roots, then weigh your hair down.

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Should I always avoid dimethicone for hair?

We just mentioned we should avoid dimethicone in shampoo products, not hair products.

It is a great ingredient for hair strands and makes your hair silky-smooth.

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Treat your scalp and hair differently!
  • Scalp care – Focus on cleanliness and avoiding dimethicone. Use shampoo to remove scalp buildups (scalp sebum), sweat, and dirt.
  • Hair care – Focus on moisture. Use a hair care product (conditioner) and avoid applying it on your scalp.
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