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New revolutionary scalp product AROMASE MediPro


The new revolutionary scalp product- AROMASE MediPro

AROMASE – MediPro scalp care line has officially been launched and released in Hong Kong scalp care centers!

AROMASE brand mission is Actively solving people’s scalp problem around the world.
Hence AROMASE develops the MediPro Medical Edition – is a new revolutionary scalp product.

MediPro Medical Edition Scalp product Featured with:

  • 99% Nature
  • 100% Recycle Sustainable Packaging
  • Efficiently effectiveness scalp solution which recommended by dermatologists.

Hong Kong distributor successfully obtained AROMASE distribution license after undergoing various levels of educations and trainings. The scalp care center is located on the 36th floor of Time Square Building, a landmark in Hong Kong. This is a scalp care center well equipped with stem cell hair growth and phototherapy treatment; in addition to that, they also design the new AROMASE MediPro into the most essential scalp treatment.

MediPro range was tested in lab for trial of 28 days and the results were spectacular:

  • 28% reduction in skin sebum content
  • 84% decreased in skin erythema
  • 29% improved skin moisture content
  • This scalp therapy shampoo is ideal for Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Dandruff, Hair Loss, Folliculitis, Sensitive scalp

MediPro received numerous global certifications and the packaging is 100% eco-friendly:

  • 0% SLS (Sulfate free), Paraben, coloring, soap, alcohol, dimethicone(Silicone free).
  • 99% nature of ingredients. Less is SAFE, simple is POWERFUL.
  • 100% CSR+ recycle and responsible package for sustainability of mother earth.

AS the product is served for medical purposes, you could obtain the MediPro through dermatologists, clinics and scalp care centers.

Scalp expert-AROMASE-MediPro
CEO of AROMASE sharing with the host in livestream of Hong Kong aesthetic medicine center as he gives in depth details about the scalp care tips.

AROMASE-Scalp shampoo recommend by Dermatologists–MediPro-2
During the training course for Hong Kong distributor, there was a beautiful colleague with long hair that went through the scalp check. Her scalp was detected as an oily dandruff scalp. But after using AROMASE, her scalp instantly got rejuvenated back to normal.

Hong Kong distributor is very excited to cooperate with AROMASE and they serve to cleanse all the scalp problems in their demographic. This time, the development of AROMASE products collaboration with the aesthetic medicine center in Hong Kong is aimed to take care of the scalp health of Hong Kong people together.

If you or your friends are in Hong Kong, please feel free to come to the 36th floor of Times Square and experience the scalp health check and treatment services.

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