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30 Days Herbal Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis: Before and After

AROMASE psoriasis scalp test_Lane (1)


Battling psoriasis, especially when it strikes sensitive spots like the scalp, can feel like an endless war. Meet Lane, a 30-year-old nurse and true psoriasis warrior, who’s been on the front lines of this battle since she was 19. Amidst the chaos of a busy life, she’s been on a relentless quest for relief.


Psoriasis Warriors Story

「It mainly affects my scalp, my ears, and occasionally spots on my torso. I have tried EVERYTHING. Once something works for a while, my body gets used to it and I’ll have to find a new product when I can’t control it. I am a nurse and consistently deal with high levels of stress. I would love to finally not stress about my scalp condition and have relief from the itching and pain that comes with psoriasis.」


What does Her Psoriasis symptoms Look Like (Photos)

Lane’s scalp, ears, and hairline of her psoriasis, caused her years of discomfort and frustration. Despite trying countless products, Lane struggled to find a lasting solution. Her hair type, diagnosed as psoriasis with an oily scalp, posed additional challenges, leaving her in a perpetual cycle of trial and error.


Psoriasis: 30-day Product Review

Before and after, Lane’s scalp shows a noticeable decrease in greasiness, redness, and irritation, along with a significant reduction in flaking and itchiness.

4 weeks feedback

Week 1 and 2
My hair feels less greasy, almost to the point I feel like I wouldn’t need to wash it every day, but I do to help my scalp. The scaling is more whole and I get a lot less flakes. The skin care tonic feels really nice as well.

Week 3
I have noticed a huge difference in my scalp as a whole not having so many loose flakes.

The products and tips have kept my psoriasis at bay and manageable for a month! The psoriasis will always linger but it has completely taken care of the dermatitis and flaking!


Scalp Psoriasis Solutions 30-Day Transformation AROMASE case study (5)

Scalp Psoriasis Solutions 30-Day Transformation AROMASE case study (1)

Scalp Psoriasis Solutions 30-Day Transformation AROMASE case study (2)

Scalp Psoriasis Solutions 30-Day Transformation AROMASE case study (3)


What treatment option should we select for her psoriasis?

Based on her scalp quiz results, she has a slightly oily scalp. Considering her dry weather conditions and daily lifestyle, the AROMASE team has customized a solution for her.

  • Scalp deep cleansing: Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo
    Frequency: Once every 3 days
    Why? This liquid shampoo helps control flakes caused by psoriasis, with a 2% Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex to ease symptoms. It softens and cleans, reducing flakes and itchiness for psoriasis-affected scalps.
  • Daily Shampoo: Anti-Sensitive Shampoo
    Frequency: Once every day or other Day
    Why? Given that her hair appears greasy despite the dry climate of her location, we have revised our recommendation to an Anti-sensitive Shampoo, specifically formulated for dry and sensitive scalps. In this case ( greasy hair and dry weather conditions), shampoo daily helps to decrease scalp fungus effectively.
  • Daily Scalp Hydrating: Glycyrrhetinic Acid Skin Care Tonic
    Frequency: Apply at least 3 times daily, or whenever your scalp feels itchy.
    Why? People with scalp psoriasis often suffer from dryness and itching. A daily hydrating tonic can greatly ease these symptoms and reduce scratching. This approach is key to preventing symptom escalation.


Psoriasis Scalp Care: What to Avoid
  • Avoid Multi-effect shampoos (milky-looking) when shampooing, your scalp needs cleanliness, nothing more.
  • Avoid hot water temperatures for rinsing. 
  • Prevent scalp contact with massage creams or hair conditioners directly to your scalp.
  • Promptly dry your scalp and hair after washing to minimize fungal growth.
  • Do not overwash your scalp: Your scalp needs its natural oils for protection. Avoid products with soap-based ingredients or SLS and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate/Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate)
Psoriasis Daily Care
  • Dry the scalp and hair with a fresh towel after each use
  • Opt for shampoos that are mild and have a low pH
  • Apply moisturizer to the affected area post-shampooing
Psoriasis Inside-Out Maintenance
  • Psoriasis, a chronic disease with a high recurrence rate, is best managed with medical consultation before using any products.
  • Cut back on sugar, spicy, and fried foods
  • Increase water intake to boost metabolism (Harvard Health: How much water should you drink?)
  • Maintain scalp health through stress reduction and regular exercise.


Find Your Own Scalp Care Routine

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