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Which is Better for Psoriasis Scalp: Scalp Tonic or Lotion?

Psoriasis scalp treatment scalp tonic or lotion (1)


Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that impacts millions of people globally. Despite the fact that there is no cure, there are various treatments available that can assist in alleviating symptoms and making affected skin patches manageable. Tonic and lotion are two commonly used forms of treatment for psoriasis-affected areas, but when it comes to using on the scalp, which one should be chosen?

Psoriasis scalp treatment scalp tonic or lotion (2)


Scalp Tonic: Liquid texture, less residue

Scalp tonic is a liquid-based treatment that can lessen inflammation and discomfort caused by psoriasis. Its liquid formula helps to avoid residue buildup that can cause scalp to become greasy or heavy. This treatment works to rebalance the oils in the scalp, leading to less redness, itchiness and flaking associated with psoriasis. Furthermore, it also hydrates the skin which may prevent scaling and cracking.

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Lotion: Cream texture, could lead a greasy scalp if apply it too much

Lotion is a cream-based treatment that helps to soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin caused by psoriasis. It works by providing a protective barrier on the skin to keep moisture in and irritants out. Lotion also helps to reduce redness, itching, and flaking associated with psoriasis. However, due to its cream texture, please apply the lotion sparingly- too much could lead to an even greasier scalp!


Which one is better for treating psoriasis scalp?

Scalp tonic can help to reduce the amount of residue left on your scalp, but the thick, creamy texture of lotions may result in a greasier feeling. Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your individual needs. Ultimately, it’s best to talk to your dermatologist about which treatment option would be best for your individual needs.


Choose a product for psoriasis scalp: Moisturizing is the key.

No matter what product you choose, regular moisturizing is key when it comes to managing psoriasis of the scalp. Keeping your skin hydrated will help reduce itching and flaking associated with this condition. If you do decide to use any products for your psoriasis scalp, make sure it is free from fragrances and other potential irritants.


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