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Is My Scalp Oily or Dry? 4 Quick Scalp Quiz to Find Out

Is My Scalp Oily or Dry 4 Quick Scalp Quiz to Find Out_AROMASE scalp care


Many people find it difficult to determine the type of scalp they have. Knowing whether your scalp is oily or dry is essential for choosing the appropriate scalp care routine – so if you’re not sure, this article’s for you!

4 Rapid Quiz to Help You Learn More About Your Scalp
  • Q1: Do you feel like your scalp gets greasy very quickly? (Within a day)
  • Q2: Are there visible flakes on your scalp? The flakes appear yellowish, with a sticky and greasy texture.
  • Q3: Does the styling product you use make your hair look greasy shortly after application?
  • Q4: Is it difficult for you to style certain areas of your hair due to an excessively greasy scalp?

If you answered YES to most of these questions,
then chances are that your scalp may be on the oily side.

If you answered NO to most of them,
then it’s likely that your scalps type could be classified as dry.

If you find it difficult to answer yes or no,
welcome to talk with our online support via chat or email (service@aromase.com)
or take online scalp quiz to get your scalp care suggestions.


Why Knowing Your Scalp Type Matters?

“Get Results That Last with the Right Care Solution.” Having a correctly diagnosed sense of what type of scalp you have can make all the difference when it comes to looking and feeling our best in terms of overall health and well-being! By understanding if your scalps tend towards oiliness or dryness, you can start looking into what kind of care solutions work best for us – ensuring results that last with minimal effort required too!


Deep Clean Scalp Buildup is the Key for Oily and Dry Scalp

It’s vital for all scalp types to clean up buildup regularly. Buildup on the scalp happens when dead skin cells, natural oils, and hair products pile up; this triggers an oily scalp to get itchy/dandruff or a dry scalp to become sensitive/flaky.

To keep your scalp clean and healthy, it’s important to use a liquid (Watery) texture deep cleanser. Wondering why?

AROMASE juniper liquid shampoo_why liquid exfoliating



For Oily or Dry scalp, a Balanced pH Level is Crucial

Scalp exfoliating and removing the buildups regularly can balance scalp pH levels, a product that contains herbal formulas such as Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex that are known to reduce scalp itchiness as well as help control flaking which provides you with one less concern during each scalp detox session! ( Discover the scalp solution containing Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex.  )

AROMASE Is My Scalp Oily or Dry? 4 Quick Scalp Quiz to Find Out juniper liquid shampoo_Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex



Still Don’t Know What Your Scalp Type Is?
Take AROMASE Online Scalp Quiz

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Find Your Own Scalp Care Routine

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