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Taiwan Excellence Booth in Japan: Popular “AROMASE Hero Product


The Taiwan Excellence booth has been a huge success in Japan! This booth showcases award-winning products from Taiwan that are popular among Japanese people. The “AROMASE hero product- 5a juniper purifying liquid shampoo” is one of the most popular items at the booth, and many Japanese people have said that they miss Taiwan! The booth also held a raffle and a photo contest, inviting Japanese people to submit photos of Taiwan’s beautiful scenery or food.

AROMASE-japan-expo-taiwan excellence (3)


In 2018 and 2019, “Taiwan Excellence” participated in the “TAIWAN PLUS Taiwan Auspicious Day” festival for the third time this year. Japanese people can visit the exhibition, place orders, and experience the charm of Taiwan’s best products.

The “Taiwan Excellence Award” is known as the Oscar of Taiwan’s industrial industry. The award-winning products are strictly selected by the Ministry of Economic Affairs through experts in various fields, from R&D, design, quality, and marketing. In order to promote Taiwan-Japan industrial cooperation and create new opportunities, the representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, Mr. Hsieh Chang-ting, and influential representatives of Taiwan and Japan visit the booths.

AROMASE-japan-expo-taiwan excellence (2)

We hope that through this event, more Japanese people will be able to learn about Taiwan’s products and culture!

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