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What Triggers Scalp Problems?​ Natural Home Remedy to Stop Scalp Conditions


This is not the first time for beauty and fashion magazine recommends AROMASE scalp product, but we would like to share the different points to AROMASE fans once again. Thank you, Vogue Taiwan!

What triggers scalp problems?
The scalp is thinner than the eyelids, and it is even more delicate than the face. (Yes! We have no double that you are surprised by the fact)
The sebum secreted of the scalp is 7 times compares to facial skin.

Scalp problem can be the result of:

  • Humidity climate
  • Diet habit
  • Life style
  • Stress
  • Air pollution (PM2.5)
  • Wrong shampoo
  • Incorrect shampoo way (Tips On Washing Your Scalp!)

Those make the skin and scalp more sensitive, irritated, and unbalanced oil production and will lead the result of incomplete cleaning of the scalp sebum, and the uncleaned sebum will combine with the old keratin of the scalp to form a “solid stubborn” sebum which cannot be washed out by shampoo. (What triggers hair fall?)

Which scalp problem are you facing now?

Uncleaned oil combines with old keratin and dirt form a “solid oil” that is difficult to remove with ordinary shampoo. Pore is clogged with accumulation of sebum on the scalp surface and scalp roots, just like an unwanted trouble annoys everyone by causing various scalp problems. For instance, getting oil rapidly, flat hair, and unpleasant odor, itchy, scalp acne (folliculitis), thinning hair, and hair loss seriously impact the quality of life.

How to clean the “solid stubborn” sebum ?

Clean the “solid stubborn” sebum regularly with a proper scalp deep cleansing shampoo and restore a healthy scalp eco system.
Therefore, the most gentle and non-irritating formula should be considered as the priority while selecting scalp purifying products.

Here are the knowledgeable tips for you to choose a suitable cleansing shampoo. 

  • pH 5.5 ( Ideal Scalp balanced pH)
  • Soap Free ( Cleanse gently)
  • Dimethicone Free/ Silicone Free ( No buildup on the scalp.)
  • SLS Free /Sulfate Free (No stripping scalp oil, no dryness)
  • No chemical preservatives, MI, MCI, Paraben ( Use within 6 months )
  • Artificial Coloring Free ( Safe for every scalp.)
  • Amino Acid Surfactant ( Clean the scalp without inflammation)

AROMASE- 5α Juniper scalp purifying Liquid Shampoo with citric acid and glycolic acid, which can completely cover the stubborn solid sebum through the liquid, quickly soften the keratin, and regulate stubborn sebum. In the mild way. Glycyrrhetinic acid complex is a star ingredient extracts from Chinese medicine – licorice which is used for soothing skin problems. Thanks to the exclusive technology enables smaller molecule of active ingredient which can instantly penetrate the scalp, and remain for longer lasting effect. In the end of day, healthy and breathing scalp is expectable, the even better things is beautiful and fluffy hair grows as a bonus by using AROMASE.




Find Your Own Scalp Care Routine

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