Cosmoprof Bologna 2024: The Best At-Home Scalp Care Brand

Cosmoprof Bologna 2024 , a major spotlight shone on the often-neglected, yet crucial, element of a healthy head of hair: the at home scalp care. Exhibitors showcased innovative at-home scalp care solutions, highlighting a growing trend towards self-care rituals specifically targeting this often-ignored area.

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  • Local marketing support: AROMASE will help you reach new customers through marketing sponsored program.
  • Expert training: Gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed through AROMASE scalp education and distributor training program.
  • Sustainable partnership: Build an eco-friendly business with confidence. AROMASE products are certified by many global certifications (such us B Corp, Cradle to Cradle silver level, bsi 8001, carbon footprint, ISO14064…) and we continuously improve our practices.



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Scalp Care Takes Center Stage

Haircare is no longer just about the strands; the scalp is finally getting the attention it deserves. AROMASE highlighted the importance of scalp health with their innovative products. Our scalp product tackling dandruff, hair loss, and other scalp concerns with a sustainable, award-winning formula.

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Intimacy Gets a Natural Touch: A herbal-based Watery Shampoo

AROMASE 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo is a unique watery formula that effectively tackles scalp issues, all without the use of steroids. Powered by the Glycyrrhetinic Acid Complex, it provides a gentle and effective solution for a healthier scalp.

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Sustainability Takes Root

Exhibitors demonstrated their dedication to sustainability, going beyond mere buzzwords to embrace it as a core value. AROMASE’s utilization of recycled rPE bottles showcases their environmental responsibility, certified at the silver level by Cradle to Cradle. 

Cosmoprof Bologna 2024: Sustainable Beauty Trends & AROMASE Scalp Care Innovation

Cosmoprof Bologna 2024 concluded successfully, reinforcing its status as the top global beauty trade show. Attendees saw a compelling showcase of innovative hair products, beauty industry trends, and a strong emphasis on sustainability. The event vibrantly displayed these elements, aligning closely with AROMASE’s core mission.

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