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AROMASE Sustainability Goals

The core of the B+ Corner | Care for the Missing Corners

By focusing on the unseen needs of society, we can truly see where help is most required

The “B” stands for “benefit,” which means altruism. As members of the B Corp., our mission is to maximize this spirit of altruism, especially when it comes to caring for those in society who are often overlooked, the missing corners.

We are deeply convinced that only by paying attention to these unseen needs in society can we truly see those who require assistance and provide our support and services for them. This core value is the cornerstone of our sustainable development and represents our commitment to making a positive contribution to society.

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B+ CORNER | 3 Major ESG Actions

Love corner

We are dedicated to supporting caregivers by organizing “Let Love Breathe Events” and establishing the “Caregiver Business Alliance Team.” Through these initiatives, we aim to connect Upstream and downstream suppliers, companies, and individuals. By adopting their unique expertise to create a diverse range of services for caregivers. Our goal is to serve as a replenishing station for caregivers, providing them with the energy they need.

Green corner

As inhabitants of this planet, it is crucial that we take immediate action and collectively influence partner companies to prioritize the well-being of Mother Earth. We are committed to using over 50% green energy and have updated our AROMASE package to include recycled (rPET) bottles, earning us the cradle to cradle certification silver badge. Through collaboration with global partners, we have successfully planted over 300 trees across Asia, America, and Africa, contributing to reforestation efforts worldwide. Together, let’s make a positive impact on our planet.

Sustainability corner

Create an environment at AROMASE that fosters a true sense of appreciation and joy in both work and leisure. Encourage the staff to not only excel in their professional endeavors but also prioritize their self-care and well-being, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling life. By promoting a culture of balance and personal growth, we can empower our team to thrive both personally and professionally. Together, let’s build a workplace where every individual can savor their journey and achieve lasting happiness.


Be the change.
AROMASE is Certified B Corp!


Let LOVE breathe

“Focus on the unseen needs of the society to have opportunities to get close to the people who are really in need.” – the brand concept of AROMASE.

AROMASE has been rolling the social events all the way for 16 years by silently contribution for remaining people’s scalp health with herbal care. Continued this original intention, AROMASE protects the scalp health which is easily to be neglected, and extends to focus on the caregivers who are rarely noticed. In addition, we start the development of the 2nd project – the Caregivers Program, and committed to becoming a caregiver energy supply station.

Caregivers Program

Becoming a caregiver energy supply station

2016 is the very first year of AROMASE CSR events. We arrange scalp examination and scalp care education to nonprofit child care organizations, and share our scalp knowledge to children and build up their good scalp care habits. Taking care of group in need of Children Are Us Foundation (Down’s baby), LOVE & BLIND foundation, Happy Mount foundation (physical and mental disorder), HOPE Cancer Foundation, World Vision -Taipei & Taichung, and No Shame Psoriasis Foundation – Poland by regular scalp check and scalp care education event. Along the way, we receive so much love and feedback and have faith to deliver the concept.

In the events we found out lots of scalp problems on caregivers even more than people in need, the caregivers’ need turns to silent which draws our attention. We decide to take care of them just like a missing corner.

We strongly believe that when caregivers can take good care of themselves, they will have more energy for those who need care.

AROMASE consistently and actively focus on supporting caregivers, and extend the caring to caregivers, volunteers and social workers in 2020. Let “Love/ caregivers” breathe, and let “Love/ caregivers” take a break.

3 series lectures for caregivers

Breaking the myth of scalp care, learn the proper scalp relief massage, and understand the scalp type along with correspondent scalp care.

Through meditation and awareness to accept emotions, and understand the scalp relief massage. Bring home the pressure relief methods.

Get to know your scalp type first and learn the proper way to take care of your scalp back to a healthy state.

Sponsor Hair Donation Event

From 2017 to 2019, AROMASE supported Formosa cancer foundation for hosting the donation events. We were so moved by all the donators who are willing to give out their hair, giving the cancer patient the self-confidence and making them feel beautiful!

After working closely with the Formosa cancer foundation, we unexpectedly found the biggest issue was not in need of more hair. It was the deficiency in the funds for manufacturing the wig! Without any hesitation, we sponsored the fund donator right away with the gift of AROMASE products.

And we wish to make the society to pay attention to this part and help the cancer patient to feel beautiful and confident.

CSR Community Partners

Since 2018, AROMASE has been serving caregivers and the members form the happy mount nursing Institution with the scalp checks events and the scalp care lectures.

Every year, AROMASE will host 4 scalp check events for the local resident in each season with the major hospital(En Chu Kong).

We partner up with Taiwan Foundation for the Blind and help them to increase their working opportunity for the blind and host the scalp checks events and the scalp care lectures.

Employee Care

AROMASE sees all employees as their important partners. Building employee well-being is always our mission. Currently, we already work on 6 main directions to build work-life balance for employees.


AROMASE offers 2 hours of work time, gives out free movie tickets to those who follow through 5 times in a row, and gives extra reward to those who follow through the entire season with NT 1,000 and NT 3,000 worth of products, and also rewards those who join the sport event with NT 1,000.


AROMASE believes learning different things is important for each position, so we offer NT10,000 subsidy to each employee every year. Also, we host different topics of speeches every month during our monthly meeting.


During our top 4 biggest holidays, AROMASE offers two free tickets to each employee. We believe it’s important to give your brain some rest during break time.

Scalp Caring

AROMASE offers NT.10,000 worth of shampoo products to each employee to ensure everyone takes good care of their scalps.


For creating zero barriers between all employees, we have online and offline platforms for communicating to ensure everyone can express themselves.


AROMASE believe working out and eating healthy are important to our health. Anyone in the company loses one kilogram and maintains for 6 months can win NT1,000 dollars, and the upper bound is NT10,000 dollars.

Year Plan of CSR Events

By deeply understanding what caregivers need, AROMASE will have 11 speeches and events on three main topics: Social skills, physical and mental care.

We understand that caregivers focus on their patients more than themselves. Some of them close their mind to society but stress themselves instead. AROMASE has set up the reminder for this issue. We remind the caregivers to focus on their needs and love themselves more once again. We also invite the specialists to share the experience about releasing the stress and accepting to show the weakness. Only if the caregivers know how to overcome their weaknesses and set up the energy again, they can keep moving forward!

The events may vary due to the COVID-19.

Improve the Scalp Health of the Caregivers

AROMASE takes acts to deliver our love and share our warmth to more people! We believe

that only if the caregivers know how to look after themselves, they can keep moving forward

and help more people in need. Since 2016, AROMASE has had over 200 scalp health care events for caregivers and gathered over 20,000 people to participate around Taiwan.

Scalp Health Check

Sharing scalp knowledge and helping caregivers care for their loved ones and themselves.

Spread Love

Supporting caregivers with AROMASE 5α Juniper All In One Purifying Gel. Shorten the time for caregivers to bath loved ones and have more time to take care of themselves.

Scalp Health Lecture

Invite healthcare experts to share scalp care tips and strategies for dealing with caregiver stress.

We care,
we're here for you!

Since 2016, we have been dedicated to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. As part of our commitment, we allocate 1% of our annual revenue to initiatives that contribute to society. Each year, we support 1,000 caregivers and organize 20 breathing space events, providing opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. We are proud to have garnered participation from 40 members in the Caregiver Alliance, working together to make a positive impact.

We went for a tour to host the scalp checks and speeches for 16 child care organizations. Share the simple scalp care that they can do for themselves to all the children and the caregivers.


AROMASE worked with Formosa cancer foundation by sponsoring the supply to all the people who donate their hair. We had hosted the donor events for 3 years with over thousands of people participating in the events!


We should start taking care of the scalp right away, it is “Now or Never”! Starting the scalp examination tour all over Taiwan, from the hospital, campus, department store and pharmacies, in 27 different locations, we shared the scalp care knowledge with the people.

After going to Happy Mountain nursing Institution two years in a role, we realized that the caregivers actually have the most scalp problem. From that time, AROMASE laid the CSR aim for taking care of the caregivers.


There is a term in Chinese that full of love with the full house, so we held 2 public good events and invited children and the caregivers from vulnerability of minority groups to spend a relaxing afternoon together in the movie theater.

We took the scalp check event on tour to 30 different clinics all over Taiwan to give care to the people.


AROMASE starts to work with Taiwan association of family caregivers. We join the caregiver alliance with BNP Paribas Cardif TCB Life Insurance and have the plan to host 11 different themes of speeches for caregivers to replenish their soul!

In the very moment for fighting against the virus, AROMASE donates 1633 bottles of 5α Juniper all in one purifying gel to our first line health care workers. In the same time, we also make a donation to the caregiver of 7 different philanthropies. We are planning to sponsor 30 hospitals and philanthropies to spread our love and gratefulness to the society. From that time, AROMASE laid the CSR aim for taking care of the caregivers


In 2021, AROMASE founded the “Caregiver Corporate Alliance” in alignment with the UN SDG 17. AROMASE has collaborated with 28 enterprises and the New Taipei City Family Association to host monthly “taking a breath” activities for caregivers. Our Alliance aims to serve as a revitalizing hub, providing energy and support to caregivers.


AROMASE successfully hosted 16 caregiver events, drawing in over 430 attendees. This impactful initiative provided much-needed assistance to 5 social welfare organizations, benefitting a total of 1786 individuals. Notably, it garnered active participation from 15 esteemed members of the Caregiver Business Alliance, collaborated with 100 NGOs, and attracted the attendance of 500 dedicated social workers. AROMASE’s contributions extended further with generous donations of products valued at over $2,700,000.


AROMASE organized 17 caregiver events, engaging a total of 430+ individuals. Additionally, we provided product donations to support 12 social welfare organizations, positively impacting the lives of 1,200 people. Furthermore, we facilitated collaboration among 25 companies, forming the Caregiver Alliance Team. To promote well-being, we successfully organized the Caregiver Enterprise Sports Meet, which saw participation from 10 companies. On Social Workers’ Day, we extended our support to 50 social welfare organizations. Lastly, we conducted 36 scalp check events across Taiwan, spreading awareness about scalp health. AROMASE remains dedicated to making a meaningful difference in our community.

For the past 4 years, we have had over 20,000 people joined our public good scalp check event and supported over 40 nonprofit organizations. We spread our love with our action and wish to drive attention to positive energy!

Green Operation

Environmental issues imply a program in which we have specific concerns. Respond to the climate emergency; AROMASE develops 8 protections that arouse team members to do recycle. The team got back to nature areas, respected the mountains, and participated in a mountain clean up event in 20 20. We invite everyone to take environmental mitigation actions and start from ourselves. From materials, design, manufacture, shipment, use till recycling, we set the groundbreaking standards in environmentally-friendly processes.

8 Environmental Protections

Environmental Lectures

Monthly lecture on saving energy, water, and electricity.

Limit Wastes

Committed to reducing the amount of waste by 20% by 2020, through daily conscious waste monitoring to reduce the use of non-recyclable products.

Green Supplier

Cooperate with the supplier who follows Green Public Procurement.

Disable Disposable

Plastic Tableware Ban one-time plastic tableware internally AROMASE provides reusable utensils for every employee.

Paper Tape

Use paper tape replaces the plastic tape.

Green Action

Encourage employees to participate in volunteering matters. AROMASE provide 2 days of volunteer paid leave every year,

Online Business Journey

Holding online meetings to reduce CO2 emission.

Green Procurement

Buy the eco-friendly products.

Green Product

AROMASE, a leading Asian shampoo brand, has achieved an incredible milestone by becoming the first-ever brand in the region to receive the prestigious Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Silver certification. This globally recognized standard recognizes AROMASE’s commitment to producing safe and sustainable products that are designed to contribute to the circular economy.

“More than clean, we devote ourselves to make a shampoo that can inspire lives, help people to understand their scalp and to improve their scalp problems as possible as we could commit to herb pal ingredients and green chemistry to products essence 1 make life simpler and better.”

- Eric Chen Founder of the AROMASE

From the product development, the AROMASE team actively thinks about botanical ingredients, reduction of waste, energy conservation, environmental restoration to reach Eco-friendly development.

Our History

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