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AROMASE Takes the Lead in Sustainable Action and Wins CSR Sustainability Citizen Award

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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Sustainability Citizen Award and Small Giants for “Family-Friendly Workplace” and “Talent Sustainability. These are both of the most influential ESG awards in Taiwan. It is hosted by the Common Wealth Magazine every year, and is designed to recognize companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development.

AROMASE has made significant contributions across four key dimensions of ESG. Let’s delve into the highlights:

AROMASE’s Dedication to Social Participation
  • AROMASE has been committed to caring for the caregivers for over 7 years. In 2021, we established the “Caregiver’s Alliance” to call on 28 companies to take action together.
  • AROMASE joined the Pledge 1% initiative, pledging to donate 1% of our annual revenue to ESG sustainability public welfare initiatives.

AROMASE has established the , uniting suppliers and corporate partners to inspire collective action that truly makes a difference. By integrating our core business, we generate a profound social impact. Through a deep understanding of caregivers’ needs and addressing their challenges, we possess the power to significantly enhance their quality of life. Our unwavering commitment extends over many years, ensuring sustained impact and transformative change.


AROMASE’s Dedication to Environmental Sustainability

AROMASE Scalp Cleanser has proudly achieved the prestigious “silver” badge as Asia’s first C2C cradle-to-cradle hair care product. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through our completion of the ISO 14064 greenhouse gas inventory and our proactive measures to reduce carbon emissions. As the first B Corp hair care company in Taiwan, we have set a goal to achieve organizational carbon neutrality by 2024.

It has set clear short-term and medium-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets: reduce by 20% in 2024, 30% in 2026, and 50% in 2030 (greenhouse gas emissions from the AROMASE headquarters, category 1 and category 2).

Since 2021, the headquarters has used green electricity for more than 10% of the year, and since May 2023, the headquarters has used more than 60% of solar renewable energy per month. As of July 2023, it has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 44,439 tons.


AROMASE’s Dedication to Staff Well-being

For nine consecutive years, AROMASE has been fostering a healthy lifestyle among its employees through Friday sports days and annual sports activities. In 2022, we proudly received the esteemed “Sports Enterprise Certification” from the Ministry of Education’s Sports Administration.

Furthermore, AROMASE successfully organized its inaugural “Sustainability Workshop,” featuring exhilarating group challenge competitions and a dedicated “Sustainability Training Workshop” for our valued employees. These events not only reaffirmed our unwavering commitment to sustainability but also instilled a profound sense of purpose in our day-to-day work.




AROMASE’s Dedication to Corporate Governance

AROMASE voluntarily links 5% of performance appraisals to sustainability goals, urging managers and employees to take action. We publish a “Sustainability Report” despite not being legally obligated. We have a board-level “ESG Sustainability Committee” that has held 12 meetings to establish goals and targets.

AROMASE is honored to be recognized with the CSR Sustainability Citizen Award for our significant contributions to sustainable development in Taiwan. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We remain dedicated to our mission and will continue our efforts to make a positive impact.

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