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iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE: Missing Corner Cares Of Caregiver



AROMASE was been shortlisted for the iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE 

AROMASE’s CSR strategy focuses on caregivers, a missing corner in charity. To improve their health and wellbeing, we arrange scalp checks, donate products, and provide scalp massage and shampoo sessions to 30+ NGOs since 2016.



What did a scalp care brand do and impress the iF award?

We take care of childcare, disadvantaged, cancer foundations in Taiwan and No Shame Psoriasis Foundation (Poland) by regular scalp care education events. Moreover, we joined “Caregiver Alliance,” arranged stress-relief activities, and plans to help train new caregivers in hospitals. So far, we have held 285+ activities, received so much love and feedback from 30,000+ people, and have faith to keep supporting caregivers.

Read more on iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE : https://ifworlddesignguide.com/entry/327603-aromase-missing-corner-cares-of-caregivers



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