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As a scalp and hair brand, AROMASE has made its debut on the international market with an environmentally friendly product and design concept. The brand has a reputation for understanding and anticipating people’s needs.


Go Green for Missing Corner of Earth

This unique bottle design cuts out a corner to create a shape that draws attention to a hair care product formulated to care for the scalp. In 2020, AROMASE received bronze certification from circular economy organization Cradle 2 Cradle, a first in the Asian hair care industry. AROMASE has also earned B Corp status for its social and environmental performance, positioning it to be a force for positive change.

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Plant Trees for Earth

This year, AROMASE collaborates with TREEDOM, who is also a certified B Corp, to plant 100 trees in Africa, Nepal, Columbia. In this project, we support not just a circular economy but also the local farmers, who could also get benefit by managing AROMASE trees.Treedom-AROMASE-CSR-earth friend (2)

Visit AROMASE forest 

Our mission is originated from the intention of protecting the health of mountains and forests (the scalp of the earth). We believe that healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp, and all scalp problems can be solved by the fundamental care of the scalp. Hence, AROMASE implemented purification actions for our earth by maintaining the forest and planting trees to reduce carbon emissions. We promise to take care of the scalp of the earth, conveying goodwill, and extend the core value of regeneration, health, and sustainability from the care of people to the care of the earth.

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