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B+ Corner: AROMASE Heartwarming Visit to Hong Kong Nursing Home

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At the heart of AROMASE’s ESG initiatives, our commitment lies in caring for the missing corner of society. This Mother’s Day, we’ve taken our mission to Hong Kong. The AROMASE Hong Kong team visited the #Guo Yuzhang Mrs. Nursing Home at Jen Tze Hospital (仁濟醫院郭玉章夫人護理安老院). We crafted handmade flowers as gifts for the elderly, spreading joy and giving caregivers a much-needed short break. ( Learn more about AROMASE B+ Corner

Guo Yuzhang Mrs. Nursing Home_AROMASE ESG_HK (2)

“Your visit and the lovely flowers you brought have truly warmed my heart. It’s been ages since I’ve experienced such a heartfelt moment. Please, make sure to visit us again,” expressed Mrs. Chen.

This initiative touched the hearts of nursing home residents deeply, offering AROMASE an invaluable opportunity to forge meaningful connections. It enlightened us on the importance of care, love, respect, and empathy. Moreover, engaging with care professionals provided us with deeper insights into the nuanced needs of the elderly. Interactions with the residents, hearing their stories, and gifting them handmade bouquets evoked deep emotions and created unforgettable moments. “Your care is truly touching, and the handmade flowers you’ve brought us are special. This flower will never fade. I’ll cherish it as a decoration. Thank you,” said Mrs. Liu.


This visit to the nursing home has given us a lot of valuable experience and also felt the power of love. The elderly may need physical care, but they also long for emotional support and genuine connections. AROMASE is dedicated to not only providing quality products for the customers, but also spreading love and positivity in our community.

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