Discover the Power of AROMASE: 55,000+ Scalps Saved, 18 Countries Reached, 2.8 Million Bottles Sold. Unveil the Secret of The Missing Corner and Experience AROMASE 3-Step Home Scalp Care Solution at Cosmoprof Bologna 2023 – Just Awarded the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award! Wanna be AROMASE partner? As a certified B Corp, AROMASE is looking for a distribution partner who’s making impact in areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers positively around the world. Our distribution partners are benefited from professional scalp care range products, taking advantage of the best practice, and getting support on training and marketing. If you…
Unlock the Scalp Care Liquid Revolution of AROMASE at Cosmoprof Bologna 2023
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AROMASE says no to refill pouches why
As daily-use products like body gel, conditioner, and shampoo increasingly opt for refill pouches, we have received inquiries from AROMASE users worldwide, questioning why we do not utilize such packaging. In our pursuit of waste reduction through the use of eco-friendly materials, we have been actively exploring the possibility of using refill pouches. Here are some interesting findings and the reasons behind our decision.   Cons & Pros of Refill pouches Cons: Reduce packaging material, minimize plastic usage, and lower transportation costs Pros: Difficult to recycle because of its mixed materials   Is it possible to recycle refill pouches? After…
Are Refill Pouches Sustainable? Why AROMASE Says No
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AROMASE-sustainable showcase exhibition
Reusable showcase exhibition design AROMASE is a revolutionary reusable showcase exhibition design that is perfect for any occasion. It’s a sustainable solution to the wasteful use of traditional cardboard and plastic display stands. AROMASE is designed to be used over and over again, with minimal effort required in its assembly or dismantling. The central goal of this circular exhibition design is to reduce waste and ensure sustainability.   The advantages of using a sustainable exhibition design Including cost savings, greater public engagement, and environmental impact. Additionally, we’ll examine some strategies for incorporating sustainable practices into our exhibition design.   Member…
Why Should Every Brand Need A Sustainable Exhibition Design?
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AROMASE-ECO school (3)
Youths are our future leader and hence we are here to guide them to become green professional leaders to Malaysia and the world. AROMASE supported the Eco-Schools Program by providing environmental education to school children, helping them understand the value of nature and how they can protect it. AROMASE is committed to making a difference in the community and promoting awareness of the importance of sustainability. Learn more AROMASE ESG action drives business to be the change for the world   How did AROMASE be providing environmental education to schoolchildren To start from small steps, Taiwan Excellence has distributed some…
Eco-School: AROMASE supported environmental education to school
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AROMASE, a green scalp care brand that participated in the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM), has established itself as Southeast Asia’s largest trade event for green technologies and eco solutions. AROMASE team was excited to share our scalp solutions for whom have scalp concerns. We aim to improve customers’ scalps and the world through our products and services. Introduce AROMASE and its mission to improve scalps and the world AROMASE created scalp care products to enhance overall scalp health after we realized that many people suffer from scalp problems for years without any relief and…
AROMASE, a leading Green scalp care brand, attends IGEM to improve customers’ scalps
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The Taiwan Excellence booth has been a huge success in Japan! This booth showcases award-winning products from Taiwan that are popular among Japanese people. The “AROMASE hero product- 5a juniper purifying liquid shampoo” is one of the most popular items at the booth, and many Japanese people have said that they miss Taiwan! The booth also held a raffle and a photo contest, inviting Japanese people to submit photos of Taiwan’s beautiful scenery or food.   In 2018 and 2019, “Taiwan Excellence” participated in the “TAIWAN PLUS Taiwan Auspicious Day” festival for the third time this year. Japanese people can…
Taiwan Excellence Booth in Japan: Popular “AROMASE Hero Product
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This year, AROMASE is rewarded with the Best 2022 Dandruff Treatment of Beauty Insiders’ Choice Award in Singapore. So excited to share this news with all AROMASE users! Thanks for all the support from our Singapore team  Why this product is a winner Dandruff is a hair concern that many struggles with every day. That’s why our remedy to treat dandruff is the AROMASE 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo! This runny-liquidy solution is the perfect treatment as it is formulated with Glycyrrhetinic Acid which help soothe and relieve itchiness that is usually the cause for occurring dandruff. It effectively…
Best 2022 Dandruff Treatment : Beauty Insiders’ Choice Award
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In January, our collective action initiative – The B Corp Beauty Coalition – was revealed with 26 members from 3 continents. Just over six months later, we are now home to 50 members from 6 continents, representing beauty businesses large and small, with thousands of employees, and serving many millions of customers. By working together, we have the standards, the talent, the scale, and the will to challenge the status quo and improve industry standards. Fragrance stories from Scandinavia for body & home, designed to leave a lighter footprint. Regenerative Beauty: Science and Nature allied for Top Performance. Global beauty…
Now 50 members: B Corp Beauty Coalition Delivers Beauty for Good
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Treedom-AROMASE-CSR-earth friend (4)
PETALING JAYA: Scalp care solution provider AROMASE, a Taiwan Excellence brand, will showcase its innovative scalp care products that improve the condition of scalp with lasting results at the Lohas Taiwan Excellence: Jump for Love event at Sunway Velocity Mall from June 24 – 27, 2022. AROMASE’s best selling product is the 5α Juniper, a scalp deep-cleansing shampoo developed by top dermatologists after an intensive research and development process. 5α Juniper is formulated with a nature steroid glycyrrhetinic acid complex which cleanses and maintains the scalp ecosystem effectively using a formula that balances sebum and oil production. It soothes and…
Get healthy scalp with AROMASE at Malaysia LoHas
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AROMASE_cosmoprof-2022_North America (2)_blog
AROMASE dedicates to having your scalp “Breathe & Grow” and makes scalp problems a history. As a trendsetter with solid practice, AROMASE saved 50,000+ scalps, and recommend by 100+ doctors, selling in 18 countries. Today, the secret behind the” Missing Corner” inspiring healthier scalp is unveiled. Green Diamond – 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo, the global award-winning scalp shampoo effectively solve all scalp problems – hair loss, dandruff, greasy, sensitive scalp. 2.5M bottles sold worldwide. Book your reservation VIP Scalp Journey– Limited RSVP today for experiencing “Scalp Corner”, a scalp check, and a gift for you. Contact us AROMASE…
Join AROMASE in Las Vegas | COSMOPROF North America 2022
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Green from inside out! Balancing the earth green with AROMASE scalp care products is possible.  AROMASE team always searches for a better way to produce our products since we all know the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. In 2020, AROMASE achieved the global circular economy certification, cradle to cradle, we fulfill what we committed to the earth. Learn more AROMASE certification on Cradle to Cradle official website   Upgrade our production for the earth and our next generation AROMASE is certified by Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Bronze achievement level, a globally…
AROMASE is Certified by Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly
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AROMASE-red dot award-medipro-1
We are so excited to tell you that AROMASE is awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2022! Comment from the Red Dot Award “The packaging development of the AROMASE shampoo bottle was heavily influenced by the desire for sustainability and the principles of the circular economy. This method corresponds to product ingredients using plant-based ingredients. The fine applicator ensures economical use and makes it easier to stick to the recommended dose. The harmonious combination of colors and the minimalist design reflect the brand’s philosophy. The sustainable design concept of this shampoo bottle is as convincing as the minimal color…
AROMASE is the winner of 2022 Red Dot Product Design Award
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